Tackling Tiffins

The ubiquitous ‘dabba’ has indeed become a metaphor for many things in our life. It tells many stories. Every morning starts off with a war – for me as a mother. There are so many battles to be won, but the biggest of them all is packing tiffin for my child. Well, choosing healthy yet tasty food that my daughter will actually eat and enjoy is no less than a battle. And on days I see an empty tiffin box, I feel like a winner. So AtoZ 2019 I chose to pick tiffin treats.

I am sure this is not just my dilemma, but for many moms across the globe. I wonder if there is a way to overcome this challenge, completely. Every kid is unique so are his/her food preferences. Moms want their children to eat healthy and nutritious food yet they also need to satisfy their taste buds and sometimes eyeballs too. So, mothers need to be equipped with tiffin recipes that are easy to make, less time-intensive yet healthy and tasty.

Kids Lunch box Recipes-

It’s tough to please children, especially when it comes to food. Their taste buds are much more enhanced and it is not easy to fool them into liking what they don’t. At the same time, you need to make sure that they’re getting adequate nutrition for steady growth and development. Therefore, packing the perfect lunch box for your child is probably one of the most challenging tasks. It’s easy to run out of ideas when it comes to your kid’s lunch box. Moreover, packing and finding the same stuff day after day can become boring for parents and kids.

Gone are the days of good old tiffins…make way for gourmet snacks! Thanks to master chef Australia and the umpteen specialty restaurants in town and cool the branded foods on TV, kids don’t expect anything less in their everyday lunch box now. Dal chawal is unthinkable and so is plain old sabzi and roti.
But moms do have a trick or two up their sleeve still… Sometimes the pav bhaji comes with all wheat pav or the paneer gravy has teensy weensy bits of hidden bottle guard in it. There could be grated broccoli in that chicken sandwich. No conversation between mothers of young kids can be complete


What’s My theme?

It was Tiffin/ Lunch box ideas from the AtoZ alphabet.

Here is the complete list of my AtoZ 2019 tiffin ideas

The tiffin treats ideas are also available on Amazon as an ebook too. 

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