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Category: Tree Love


Parijat – Night Flowering Jasmine

There is something fresh, sweet, beautiful about these night jasmine flowers aka parijata. When October comes and these flowers bloom, they carpet the ground with their beautiful white and orange shades. Parijat Harsingar Jasmine...


Tree Love with Bishopwood

This Bishopwood Tree click is from my recent visit to the nearest sports club. I visited here after almost eight months. I didn’t go inside today either, it was just a random walk to...

Tree Love – Peepal Tree 8

Tree Love – Peepal Tree

When you see a tree I have lately felt the urge to go near it, touch it, hug it, click it and say a small thanks for it has stayed so strong and green...


Forest Be Forever

A drive-thru Bandipur The latest read post on The African elephants in Wordless Wednesday just took me back to my memory of this majestic animal. I had spotted en route Mysuru via Bandipur Forest....

Thanks giving Tree Love 8

Thanks giving Tree Love

Embrace life, don’t resist it Nature, the hills, the valley has taught me to embrace life, the beauty of nature, the beauty of natural elements and their existence. I have learned to live my...


Thursday Tree Love – November 2019

The Great Banyan Tree, Auroville, Pondicherry Banyan or Baragad or Bad/बरगद: The national tree of India. One of the largest species in the world. Banyan is a fig tree that has an unparalleled ability...