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Poems (Water Element)

Poem written during lockdown – Love kuch aisa bhi
suicide prevention – एक बार मुड़ कर जरूर देख लेना
Humanity – एक निवाला प्यार का


Fiction – Decade time travel tale


Earth Connect

Conscious about self – Yoga and You
Earth – Conscious living and sustainable living
Tips at home to Save Water


Travel (Sky element)

Trees of India

Xplore Bharat with me

Recipes (Fire element)

Multigrain atta laddoo
Mango Pastry
A to Z tiffin ideas for daily


The aura around us(Air Element)

Festivals –

Ganesh Chaturthi

Hartalika Puja

Makar Sankranti

Deep Amavasya

Preparing – KHIRAPAT – पंचखाद्य खिरापत



Soak yourself in the Panchtatwas of life.

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