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#XploreBharat another travel week

I love travels and to add on to my passion, the week gone by with #XploreBharat was amazing, from north to south, from west to east we traveled with experiences of enthusiastic bloggers aka bharat explorers...


#xplorebharat boarding from Attari-Wagah Border

Proudly and Happily giving Green signal to #XploreBharat Blog Train hosted by #BlogBoosterIndia team.  So recently we all celebrated 70th Republic day, saw the beating retreat and to keep up with this spirit what better way...



I welcome all to Explore 70th Birthday of Incredible India via our Blog journey. It’s an initiative of a team of 11 bloggers, who love to travel, share, learn and express. Lovely bloggers from incredible India will take you to beautiful, historical, incredible, cities of India with them. We believe in sharing is caring, So… Continue reading #XploreBharat


Sky @ november

Tri Sea junction, calmness prevails early morning at kanyakumari Linking up with SkywatchFriday to enjoy skies with sky lovers from all over the world.


My world My nature

My world, My Life, My passion, My inspiration, My surrounding nature. Lucky to breathe daily in this beautiful hilly heaven Which I call My World for now. I’m a nature lover, yoga fancier, Sun-Sky watcher and...


Kanyakumari – The meeting spot of Three Seas.

“Kashmir Main, Tu Kanyakumari ” North-South Ki Kat Gayi Dekho Doori Hai Saari” “कश्मीर मैं, तू कन्याकुमारी” उत्तर ने दक्षिण को अफलातून आँख मारी Have you heard this famous song from none other than Chennai express?...

Serene Scene 9

Serene Scene

कौन जाने क्या हो कल, क्यो ना जीये आज मे हम सब, चिंताओ को बंद कर एक गठरी में, सो जाएँ हम पलकों को बंद कर इस उम्मीद में की होगा नया सवेरा, देखे ये सपना...

Nilgiri sunset 3

Nilgiri sunset

My walks always shows me natural glimpses, sometimes i capture them to cherish. सूरज आया, सुनहरी प्रभात लाया आसमान में बिखेर कर अपनी किरणे, एक नए दिन का परचम लहरा रहा है फूल खिल रहे हैं...

The field in front of my house 5

The field in front of my house

This field is my Day and night view, I can sit here for hours enjoying the spread of hills, houses, trees, up and down slopes. It is life for some, a lifeline for some, struggle for...