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Money, Mothers and Mutual Funds

Mothers play a crucial role in managing a family’s finances. They often take on multiple responsibilities related to budgeting, financial planning, and ensuring the overall financial well-being of the family. Mothers’ involvement is vital in managing...


PraGunTatwa Links

PragunTatwa is all about balancing panchtatwas of lie and surroundings. It’s a pleasure to have you here. For more information please click on the required link. GREEN Podcast on Spotify Green Talks Eco-Friendly & Conscious Living...


Plants worshipped on Dusshera

On the eve of Dussehra, multiple ancient historical events occurred, that marked the victory of truth over evil. In different part of India we celebrate Vijayadashami, Navratri, or Dusshera, in variety of ways. One noticeable thing...