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The day when Decade time-traveled!

“dEcaaAdee” Decade on a travel वो कौन है जिसने मुड़ के मुझे नहीं देखा Wo kaun hai jisne mud ke mujhe nahi dekha अह्ह्ह्ह वो सदी है, वो दशक है, वो २०१० से २०१९...

Hello! kaun? 4

Hello! kaun?

A busy day I’m on toes, kids had to rush to school, followed by hubby. I have to sit on my workstation for my today’s work, a family relative calls in between, so while...

Three’s a Crowd 4

Three’s a Crowd

Both were happy because they were both they were two suddenly enters three a new one in life is it crowd??? or is it allowed??   they were relaxed  they were enjoying each other’s...