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Amaltas Tree

Amaltas, also known as the Golden shower tree, is a flowering plant native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It’s a popular herb in Ayurvedic medicine and is known for its many health benefits. Amaltas is also the state flower of Kerala and Delhi in India.

In Sanskrit, the Amaltas tree is revered as ‘Aragvadha’ or ‘disease killer’. The fruit pulp is known to have laxative properties, while its flowers are used in certain folk remedies.

Natural chandeliers of yellow and gold gleam and glisten in a camouflage of fluorescent lush green leaves.

These Amaltas trees are my walking partner. My phone gallery is lately filled with pictures from every angle. I’m always astonished to see these pendulous yellow flowers.

They look gorgeous and it’s a beautiful feel witnessing the yellow spreading Positive Vibes in summer. Known as Cassia Fistulia, or ‘the pudding pipe’ (for its fruits are brownish, blackish cylindrical pods), these florets erupt in full abundance during April-June. Its golden chandelier-type inflorescence is revered as ‘Swarnapushpa’ or ‘Bahava ke phool’ in Hindi. 

“Still the Amaltas bloomed, a brilliant, defiant yellow.”


Cassia fistula

Golden shower

Purging cassia

Indian laburnum

Kani konna

Pudding-pipe tree

Amaltas, aptly called Golden Shower tree (scientific name Cassia fistula ), has various names in Indian languages: chahui (Manipuri), konrai (Tamil), sonali (Bengali), garmalo (Gujarati), and bahava (Marathi). These flowers are a sight for tired eyes, especially in the Summer season.

The name Laburnum is derived from the Greek name of Dioscorides. an ancient tree with an aromatic bark; and Fistula in Latin means Pipe, referring to the shape of the pod. The tree is also called the Golden Shower or the Pudding Pipe tree.

I read this very beautiful piece on An Ode to Amaltas and so loved it.


Do check this Amaltas Bloom Poem.

Tree Love

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  1. Archana says:

    Superb! The yellow cascading blossoms are a treat!!

  2. So lovely and I love you pictures. Was this in Delhi, Prachi? Thank you for joining and see you around.

    • Thanks a lot Parul. Tree Love has captured my mind and mobile and its flooded with pictures.
      Yes that is from Delhi. Do check my poem on Amaltas blooms in the post, you will love it too.
      Thanks for liking the post.

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