The “S” Tiffin

Welcome to A to Z of tiffin’s ideas with me.

I am trying to give AtoZ suggestions for lunch box woes and today is Day 19 with the letter S.



Sabudana Vada

Strawberry roll

Samosa with Salsa dip


Saffron rice Cake

Will share the simple and easy tiffin recipe of grilled sandwich

Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwich

This is the perfect healthy option for kids
  • Whole wheat bread or brown bread,
  • vegetables (capsicum, onion, carrot),
  • Boiled potato and paneer are optional but can be added. 
  • Sandwich mix powder or just use 1/2 tsp dried mixed herbs
  • 1 tsp dry red chili flakes (paprika)
  • 2 tbsp chopped basil leaves
  • cheese spread or cheese slices

I will make this sandwich with 2 layers consisting of 3 slices of any bread of your choice. I personally feel that these sandwiches taste best when made with white bread. The bread slices will be sandwiched between the layers with tomato, onion, green bell pepper, you can add boiled potato or even panner also to it. Other than the masala, the other important ingredient of this sandwich is the dhaniya-pudina ki chutney/ mint-cilantro chutney.

  • Apply mint-coriander chutney on the 3 bread slices.
  • Either slice the veggies or If you don’t prefer slices just finely chop them and mix with cheese spread before you spread on bread.
  • Sprinkle little chat masala or sandwich masala on top of it.
  • Cover this layer with the 2nd bread, with the chutney side facing up. Place 2 slices of tomato and veggie cheese mix on it.
  • Place a cheese slice on top of it now. I use Amul or Britannia or milky mist cheese whichever is available, you can use any slice of your choice.
  • Place the 3rd bread on top of this now with the chutney side facing down. Your sandwich is now ready to be grilled. Press lightly to seal the sandwich nicely.
  • This sandwich is good to go like this also without grill also just make sure to use fresh milk bread.
For grill –

Heat your grill pan on medium heat. Apply butter generously on top of both the sandwiches and once the pan is hot, place the sandwiches on the pan with the buttered side facing down. As the sandwich grills from one side, apply butter on the side facing up.

Once the 1st side is nice and brown and you see grill lines, flip the sandwich to grill the other side. Press down the sandwiches once in a while with a spatula.

Sabudana Vada or say Sago vada

Image result for sabudana vada

 Sabudana or Sago is a common ingredient that is used in fasting recipes all over India to make vada, sabudana khichri, sabudana kheer etc.
This vada not only during fast but can be enjoyed otherwise also as a morning or evening snack and tastes best with curd/ dahi and mungfali chutney.

For sabudana wada click here

Finally, pack this with strawberries or strawberry roll. Strawberry is one of the wonderful fruits that can provide immense health benefits to children along with its good immunity boosters.

Most kids love to eat strawberry because it is juicy and very tasty. Strawberry is probably one of the most healthy fruits for children. The color and striking appearance of strawberry attract every kid. Strawberry is a highly nutrient-rich fruit. The fruit is a huge source of Vitamin C. Apart from that strawberry is also a good source of minerals and carbohydrates.




Today is Day 19 with the letter “S” of AtoZ challenge. My theme for the challenge is ‘Tackling Tiffin tantrums” to help ease lunchbox woes for moms & kids.

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  1. Sabudana vada is my sons favorite
    And sandwich is my husbands. Your everyday list is amazing..

  2. Sabudanaa wadaaa are my fav! we can also add sev khamni, Sev!

  3. Prague, I’m impressed by all the recipes you share. Please assemble them in an ebook.

  4. Sabudana is everyone’s fav in our house. I make sabudana thaalipeeth.
    I love sandwiches and prepare at home and eat outside too.
    Your post makes me hungry.

  5. ginia says:

    wow! loved the super easy recipes. will be trying the sandwich. What is in the sandwich masala can u specify?

  6. abhijit says:

    Another great tiffin idea. Who does not like a sabudana vada? I shall pass vegetable sandwich.

  7. What a coincidence, I prepared them yesterday! 😀

  8. Sabudana Vada is one of my favs especially during fasts. Nice tasty post.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  9. Today the S tiffin were all my favourites. 10 out of 10 Pragun 🙂

  10. From this S Tiffin, I will pick Sabudana Vada and Samosa with Salsa Dip, though Sandwiches are my all-time favorites!

  11. Sudip says:

    I’m bookmarking these recipes. Eagerly waiting for the recipe on samosa.

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