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April is back and so is AtoZ 2021. Writing, reading, planning, thinking, sharing, and a lot on the list. Brains churning on what to write. Which topic to choose and what theme to manage. I just scrolled back in my last AtoZ to get a clear idea. 

In 2018 I choose panchtatwas of life as my theme and wrote all the posts for AtoZ 2018 on that. 

In 2019 I choose tiffin options as my theme and wrote posts on tiffin treats for AtoZ 2019. This I made into an e-book too later. 

In 2020 I decided to write on the technology that changed in the last decade and wrote AtoZ 2020 posts keeping all the digital and life-changing apps and gadgets that crept into our lives. 

The year 2021 and I was as usual confused on which theme to choose. While contemplating on the theme and thinking along the lines, this march my boy turned a teenager. And there you go I got my theme. OMG teens and so many years already have passed. I realized, Time certainly flies when we look back on how kids grew up. I as a mother learned a lot from my kiddo and hope he too learned from me in this journey of growing up too.


moms be everything

Mommy Roles AtoZ

So this April I decided to look back on how this motherhood journey made me do so many tasks and roles I played while growing up as a mother. I adorned many varied hats being a mother. I played a variety of roles all those which fall under the heading of being a mother.

So visit me this April and read my AtoZ 2021 posts. Look out for all the tags we moms wear while bringing up our kids. We play the role of many characters and even become and enact a few roles too. So this April let me show you it’s a multitasking and muti role journey being a mom. Let’s check out on all days and what’s in store from AtoZ posts and titles we moms get. Some are going to be super fun too so let’s read and find out which roles you connect with more.

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4 Responses

  1. Deepika Sharma says:

    Wow what a lovely theme. So looking forward to this.

  2. Suchita Agarwal says:

    My favourite is encyclopedia! All the best with A2Z 🙂

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