Coffee Chat when East met West

Coffee Cookies Tea-Cake with you

All this happened when we were having coffee virtually in our own time zones and own global difference. We realized a connect was there and when we chatted and exchanged talks, the blocks kept on falling in places.

We may be distance apart but sometimes life comes to you and whispers in your ear that World is very small. This coffee time is one of my new found friend whom I met virtually. Agree that we have yet to meet each other in person but still from east to west we connected on many common grounds. The one is of course related to hearing as she is the one who inspired me to go for my podcast after hearing this beautiful voice on pod I couldn’t resist but started with my first.

The day we chatted first time was special for me reason being she was the only one among a group of say 50 people who was amused to know the very reason of 5 elements behind my blog. She was the one who appreciated my panchtatwa concept and for me this reason was the biggest to further have a conversation with this beautiful soul. The another reason that forced me to go further, in knowing her was her site, her blog. I was really really impressed with her blog concept and have been regularly reading her since then.

Well, let me tell you Alpana is not only founder-editor-writer and person behind Mother’s Gurukul, She is a published author, and TOI NRI contributor also. You can check her

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend
This special bond we share.
A thousand miles between us,
Yet, somehow, you’re always there.

(To constantly answer my unending queries)
Reveal time…

Well meet my virtual friend Alpana Deo admin of Mother’s gurukul a blog about her journey as a mother and a place where she shares articles, posts, suggestions related to parenting.

So this is how mothers from gurukul and panchtatwa school met each other.

After interacting with this lovely soul I realized we have many common grounds in-spite of being so far-

Our roots are from Maharashtrian families

we both are traditionally inclined

Both have few common acquaintances who were a surprise to know

A site/ blog on motherhood journeys and growing up with kids was our common ground to interact.

We both have by far realized we think alike

So, no doubts that “World is small”.

Perhaps we’ll meet in person Over coffee or Chiwda.
For now, we’ll sip our “coke & chai”,
As we type a friendly, “Hi!”

You’re a special part of my life,
Even though we’re far apart.
Your friendship is a treasure
That I cherish in my heart.
and I just wanted you to know it!   

Before I say more in this parenting partnership I here by wish my dear friend a very very Happy Birthday. Birthday, Birthday Celebrations, Happy Birthday

So if you want to hear her voice check out Alpana’s podcasts and her IGTV for parenting tips.

Don’t forget to watch PraGun’s YouTube and Podcast for collection of stories for you and your kids.

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4 Responses

  1. Alpana Deo says:

    Pragun, what should I say? You made my day. Felt so so good to read your heartfelt post. I am sure we will meet sometime. You are always welcome to Houston.

  2. Yes. All words you expressed about dear Alpana are so true! She’s such lovely soul to connect with. And what a sweet voice that melts every mom heart. I am happy that I have good friends like her and you in this fake virtual world. Let me also join with you on wishing her a happiest birthday ever. I also really love your Panchatatva concept of your blog. Keep growing dear!

    • Thanks a lot for such lovely words, true friends like you all are solace in this virtual scary world where sometimes nothing looks true but yes good souls always give positive vibes which I get from you too. Thanks for liking my blog. You are also an inspiration and I have been regular to your blog since I started my blogging journey. Happy blogging to all of us.

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