The New Normal Kids survived

Year – 2020, Period – March to June, We all accepted the new normal. We even learned to live with #lockdownera. Experienced a never before #quarantineedition #pandemicedition of our lives. In all this did we ever think of our mini-generation? Did we try to understand the emotional and mental state of our upcoming generation? Did we realize #pandemic2020 and #Lockdown and new normal even saw a new life and daily routine for kids? Before I move ahead I would like to thank Archana for introducing me and calling me an ingenious blogger which serves as my award for the day and forwarding me this opportunity where can share my Lockdown Experience.  Archana has beautifully shared her personal observations during this crisis here.

Thank you GenY

To begin with, This post especially comes as a Thankyou and gratitude post to all the kids globally, who happily and positively lived this lockdown with full cooperation. They really supported without even understanding what was happening in the world. Children who are experiencing #quarantine in or around their lives are accepting it without questioning. 

Meanwhile, I had not seen the news for the last two months for the very simple reason, that if I see it my kids will see it too and I just didn’t want any negative effect to hamper their energies and positivity. I have positively and happily accepted their full-day presence and now we have found better ways to spend the days in our #pandemicdiaries.

Not to mention, Three months ago no one knew what homeschooling or online schooling even meant. Kids have never experienced anything like this in their lives and we need to make them feel normal and comfortable. The new normal of having activities in-house is a new trend. DIY activities, sessions, and whatnot came up till schools came online with Zoom, duo, and Meet.

Meanwhile, A lot of memes floated the marker everywhere on how moms and kids are coping within the four walls, even where parents were noting down work while kids played or even slept. but I will say instead of making a joke of the situation let’s find solutions. Parents were targeted with jokes about finding the vaccine by looking at the madness in the house. Jokes apart here in this post I actually want to applaud all the kids all over the globe for cooperating and surviving the lockdown nicely and perfectly.

A New Trend

In the first place, We saw a new trend that came into existence – Zoom school, e-yoga, e-Zumba, cooking at home, DIY classes, and much more to the list. Soon the schools also were seen inside the mobiles and laptops, children excitedly welcomed this change with full enthusiasm. Kids were introduced to the concept of online classrooms all over the world. Likewise, A tide of classes from schools was making rounds in virtual timetables. A new concept made kids and parents both involved in the new normal classroom. They accepted it all without any complaints.  They enjoyed but then later adjusted to new classrooms. Some clicked some missed, some connected some disconnected, some happy some still clueless but they again survived.

It was hard for all of us, but we missed that it was hard for them too. I have seniors at my place and for me, the bigger fight was to gel between the views of these two generations. One is logical and one is spiritual. When they use to bathe and sit with folding hands in front of Ramayan it was my role again to explain why and how and what to grasp from these mythological series. And when it was time for discovery documentaries or Avengers on TV again it was me to help seniors understand how the new world is getting saved by my newly found saviors.

Notably, It was not easy but then we all managed. It’s new for us but imagine the children who have spent only a few years on this Earth are faced with this challenging situation and I’m sure this is gonna stay in their minds for a long. Here’s to thanking and applaud to all the kids, children, and growing generation who happily enjoyed #pandemiclockdown2020 and supported #stayhomestaysafe.


Never before Fun

Alongside, My living room no more existed as it was turned into a playroom, and I happily welcomed all toys, board games, blocks, guns, chess, and even football.

For me, I will say the young generation is the one who taught us to be calm, patient, happy, and satisfied with whatever we were served on the platter. They really cooperated, adjusted, and lived it fully. Days were not easy to keep kids inside. My M&M candies are super active kids. I have a hyperactive black belt and another full-on Running lover. Initial days were cool, then temperatures turned warm to hot when I was just a referee in their fights and they use to just run on every possible thing in the house. From even hotter days they learned to adjust and now again it’s back to cool. I really thank them and all the kids for helping parents in every possible way.

We ate together, we cooked together, we read, and even sketched together. We baked together and even laughed together. They even helped me with laundry as they learned little washing skills along with basic cooking too.

I’m surprised how they never cribbed staying inside, not being able to go to the park, or meet friends. I seriously still am looking for answers to what exactly goes inside their mini heads.


Here’s my small poem attempted for the fun times I enjoyed with my Kids


Together we sailed the boat

we cooked and baked

even created crafts to take,

we enjoyed movies and shows.

and laughed at crazy cartoons

we bought a lion and bear in the rooms,

I didn’t hesitate to play dark rooms.

we woke up late, we slept with owls

together we prepared silly meals,

and drew and went head over heels.

we made some crazier art hereabout,

Uniforms were IN and storms were OUT.

My living room welcomed chess, monopoly, and all board games,

UNO and playing cards came riding on a wibbly-wobbly train.

Ouch did I say when the tiny lego came in my way,

but we kept happily arranging the Zenga to pass the day.

Aprons were out and so were the chef hats

Chopping, cleaning, laying, cooking I had mini assistants for that.

Make them feel its normal

Equally important, Gen Y is never going to forget these times, learnings, experiences, and growing up in the Lockdown phase. I’m sometimes amused when I hear their views on the present state. They might be thinking about what this generation is going to give the coming future generation as a gift of life.

They are observing and experiencing this change and sure are learning some valuable lessons for life. Discourage Corona’s negative talks and share only the positives as much as we can. No point in discussing the daily increasing numbers with them as they are too small to face these challenges. Above all, Make yourself available to them as much as you can. Just spread love, share fun times, and have together times with them. Watch movies with them, laugh at all silly jokes with them, cuddle a little more, and build a strong bond with them when you can see them 24 hours in front of your eyes.

At the present time, we stand at lockdown 5.0. We have learned a lot in all this and every individual tried his/ her own ways to cope with this. Trains, flights, and normalcy seem to have returned but this is for sure it’s not the old normal it’s a new normal we are seeing and adjusting to now.

In the end, when we all were not locked inside during this lockdown, there were many who had to go to work be it whatever the situation. The doctors, nurses, medical staff, police and defense services, the FMCG providers, and endless such people stood there to make it happen to ease our lockdown each and every day. My gratitude to all of them.

To sum up, we learned to survive and live in lockdown.

My learnings which I even shared and lived with my kids are –

  • First and foremost wash hands whenever and wherever possible
  • Cover yourself, wear a mask
  • Go free hands, travel with fewer essentials.
  • Use more digital cash GPay or Paytm etc.
  • Utilize the available resources at home
  • Buy only what you need and don’t buy unnecessarily.
  • Use water properly without waste. The rinsing water can be used for porch cleaning etc.
  • Food be made only how much is needed and
  • If leftover they were also used properly for innovative breakfasts.
  • Utilization of available things, clothes, and resources.
  • Sustainability in daily living
  • Reduce wastage of any or every kind
  • Eat locally grown food.
  • Shop and support local farmers and providers.
  • Eat home-cooked and hygienic meals
  • Boost your immunity by peeping inside with little yoga time.
  • The least we can do along with our family and self-care is to help someone in need. Many people came forward to help the needy in whatever possible ways.
  • With the new normal try and support local businesses and help daily wage workers to stand on their feet. Imagine they are not able to afford the bare necessities. A human effort to cope with this pandemic is needed.

Blogtrain banner

Think new

Think survival

utilize resources

find new ways

cope and accept

that’s the only way

to live and let live

With the new normal


This post is part of my WoW MoM musings and linking it with The Blog train THE PANDEMIC THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN initiated by Ila Varma to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #pandemiclockdown2020. To take ahead the baton let’s see what Abhijit has to share about his experience during the pandemic lockdown.

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36 Responses

  1. Alpana says:

    Very well penned PraGun. Yes, it started as an unexpected, uninvited guest which soon became a part of our daily lives. Kids have shown a great maturity in understanding the whole new normal. Life has taught them a very important lesson at a very young age and that is live every day happily.

    • Thank you very much, Alpana for appreciating the post.
      Yes, I am grateful for how kids have co-operated globally and helped us cope with the lockdown.
      They are filled with positivity and happiness daily in every situation.

  2. Such a positive and uplifting post dear pragun and I could co realte with so many things,you had mentioned here. Indeed kids had done a great job and faced this difficult situation with positivity. at my home too. Girls had coprated me so well. And we are trying to keep ourselves busy by doing different creative activities. Loved your poem, you had expressed your emotions so beautifully with these amazing lines.

    • Thank you very much Surbhi for appreciating the post & poem. I’m really thankful to kids in these times. Give my love to your girls and tell them I shared a special thanks.

  3. Abhijit says:

    A sensible post. Many wise advice. Yes there is no choice but to adjust to new reality, at least till the time we have a vaccine.

  4. Very well articulated. I loved the poem you wrote. It rhymed well. Everything written in a nutshell through the poem. Life will take it’s course as we all stay positive.

  5. I can relate so many situations you have put into this post.. hope there is an end to this pandemic tension as soon as possible.

  6. Isha says:

    Unique! Such a positive perspective. Not even once did you sound tired. It is rare to read a post without any negativity during this tiring times.
    Moreover, you reached out to almost all unsung heroes. :))

  7. Ila Varma says:

    I agree with your words and I felt your world was moving in front of my eyes. You know, the kids are more adjustable than elders, they just need your love, care, and small joys. The situation reeling outside is bad but I believe that it is one single chance that we have got to stay with kids and family and it requires patience to sync with each other and I m happy that you are trying to gel well with both the generations. Negativity will pass with Corona but positivity gained in this scenario will remain with us always. The kids will learn to live with minimum what we had forgotten in the dazzling world before corona hit us. Good post.

  8. Deepika says:

    A beautifully written and in depth article. I loved the poem you penned. Kudos

  9. Wow, Pragun, what a lovely post. I felt as though I was reading exactly what I have experienced in the past few months.

    I’ve been saying this time and again that kids have shown the kind of resilience that even adults haven’t been able to display. Their minds and hearts are far more adaptable and aligned to accept change. I spoke about this to a few people and even thought I’d write about it. But lo! behold like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, when you don’t write the story that is spinning in your heart, another creative should will be sent the opportunity to.
    Have you read the book, if not please do.

    Having said that Im so very glad you wrote about this. A writing that is straight from the heart. The poem is lovely too. One that gives me a fuzzy feeling and reminds me that ah! yes, I’ve managed to do these things to.
    Even the last pints on sustainable living we have embraced completely.

    I feel Covid is here to teach us so much, and not really turn our lives upside down. It’s here to teach us love, acceptance, peace, being one wth each other whatever maybe the differences, to stand in solidarity, to reach out, to appreciate the gifts of nature and Mother Earth. And to just be. And look within.

    Turbulent times just need us to hold stead fast and not give up. After all we are in this together.

    Be well, be safe.

    • Thanks a tonne Natasha for stopping by and loving this post. I haven’t read big magic but will surely do now, thanks for suggesting dear.
      Truly said this lockdown is here to make us peep inside us and teach us never before lessons of life.
      Kids are my most admired ones in this lockdown for sure, for motivating me and help me smile every day.
      Stay safe and happy reading.

  10. This is such a great message to the people out there. Yes, kids have tackled this situation responsibly, they have cautioned their parents in some cases. They are trying to adapt to situation which is not easy at all.

  11. Yes, kids learnt how to live happy in this lockdown. That’s really worried thing when lockdown began but kids take really well.

  12. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Our children are far more resilient and positive than we can ever be. A lovely, comprehensive post that addressed everything to do with kids in lockdown. Way to go Pragun!

  13. Ghazala Naseem says:

    Such an awesome post , could corelate with what you have written.
    Kids are supportive and happily adjust in new situations.
    At my home too , they enjoy trying new recipes and it’s like cook together and eat together.

  14. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    That’s a cool post with lots of positive vibes. It will help the moms to keep their kids spirited. I think our kids are pretty smart in handling the situation, sometimes much better than us. The poem is also well written.

  15. Judy Morris says:

    The learnings told by you at the end are so practical, simple and yet so important for a healthy lifestyle.

  16. Ekta says:

    Loved your post. I think we have similar learning in terms of parenting. As far as kids are concerned, this is totally diff which they had never imagined in their life. But there is no options rather to adapt.

  17. Nehal Roy says:

    Thats such a wonderful post. I too have been facing the same. much correlated one. Great points you covered and majorly all. The end part is much useful to read out. Keep writing.

  18. Very well written, Pragun, loved the poem it’s so relatable. Kids have proved that they are more understanding than adults. My 4-year-old has shown such resilience during this tough time, I am looking at him and learning a lot of things like staying cool under stressful situations. Just amazing how the kids have accepted the new normal.

  19. Redoy says:

    What a lovely article it is. I really enjoyed while reading this post. I’ve got some awesome advice from this article. The poem was awesome. Thank you.

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