The Queen Bee Mom

Motherhood is unique because being a mother encompasses so many roles. She is a counselor, cook, doctor, teacher, lawyer, maid, scientist, and comforter. God has equipped mothers with these very unique characteristics. God designed mothers, unlike fathers, with an emotional side that makes things better for their children. There is a tenderness, compassion, which is instinctive in the heart of a mother for her children. So can I say She is The Queen Bee Mom, She is the queen of her kingdom.

Is there a day when we truly recognize this all-important figure, the queen of our life, who shapes our childhood providing unconditional love through our successes and failures with encouragement and support through our struggles? Just wishing her on mother’s day won’t serve the purpose.

Let’s check out her role with alphabet Q today, where she truly deserves to be The Queen Bee Mom, Quintessential woman, and Question & Answer manager(Q&A manager).

Mother – Queen of Life
The Queen Bee Mom

Now that I call her The Queen Bee Mom, this reminds me of the queen bee. She is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive. Just like a queen bee, if she can give you honey stay prepared she can sting you too. Yay, a sting with honey is the combo from the honey bee you get. Moms also are a combo of sugar and spice, honey and sting/ dunk both.

Have you ever wondered what role the queen really plays within the hive? The queen, of course, is pivotal to everything that happens within a healthy beehive. The queen is very directed and regimented in everything she does, the queen to be a decision-maker, of sorts. She is the star of the hive.

A queen is reasonably easy to spot within a hive, assuming you pull out the frame on which she rests. similarly isn’t it easy to spot a mom from a distance? She is never prepared for this but she certainly becomes the ring leader. Taking the responsibility of family she learns to rule them but all for their happiness and success only, not for her ease.

But not all queens are lucky. Like their counterparts in human society, Nature’s queens seem to have it all. Being queen does have its challenges, however, ranging from simply taxing to the potentially lethal. I wish all moms are treated and regarded as queens globally.

So this is the Queen Bee Mom, the alpha female within the pack — the queen bee.

I lately came across a book titled – Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads. I’m myself now curious to check what’s in the book that shares the role a mommy plays. The review I read says – Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads is essential reading for parents today. It offers us the tools to become wiser, more relaxed parents–and the inspiration to speak out, act according to our values, show humility, and set the kind of example that will make a real difference in our children’s lives.

Along with Queen Bee, the mother also has qualities of the Queen Ant. You’ve probably heard of queen bees — but what about queen ants? Queen ants do exist, and just like their counterparts in bee, wasp and termite societies, their job is to make sure their colonies thrive.

Talking of Queen Ant, it may be hard to believe, but you probably live right next door to royalty. we’re talking about ants – namely queen ants and how this one member of an ant colony is the key to success for every ant nest. Queen of her Kingdom and people living in it.

I know saying and calling a mom queen is very easy, when on the ground many mothers are facing and living a life of misery too. No one ever appreciates or even considers their existence.

The least we can do is try some steps as children or family members and find ways to make mothers feel like a queen, somedays at least. By simply trying to let her do nothing for a day for a change.

Treat the Mother in your life to a clean house, a home-cooked meal, and no obligations. Mothers with children rarely ever get to do anything and relax. Breakfast in bed, a glass of wine, a book by her favorite author, and the absolute requirement that the children come to you for everything that day. Mothers need a respite from the day-to-day responsibilities.

Mom a quintessential at home

I had always seen my mom as my ideal. She is the most perfect or typical example of a quality. The dictionary says – The Quintessential Woman is today’s modern woman, who is smart, confident, and trendy. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life. Driven, self-motivated, and refined, but is beautifully imperfect. The one who seeks to enhance who she is and the life she has. No denial I see my mom completely fitting into this definition.

Q&A manager

Aha, mom is the best question and answer manager around. Always ready to raise queries and also give answers to all were random stupid weird queries too. She knows when to pop us the question, especially when the child is not expecting it or is even ready. And ask her a question, she has the answer to all of them. How she manages is always suspense.

pic credit – Isha

So many roles, and so many hats, she wears them all so well. Try and send her away to a movie, or shopping spree, or just meditation or a trip to the mall or even a park alone. Mothers also want to feel pretty and appreciated too! Let the Queen bee mom get the feel too.

This is the letter “Q” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives. We can say Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. You will enjoy reading how moms are our personal groomer, stylists, shopper, assistant, and trainer too.

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29 Responses

  1. Poonam says:

    I loved the analog of Queen bee. Sweetness but comes with a sting if need be. I need to get my hands on that book soon, I totally need it.

  2. Leha says:

    That picture is so pretty. Brilliant depiction of mom too in your writing

  3. I so liked the concept of quintessential mom!! Yes!! It’s our responsibility to make the lady of the home feel like Queen, at least on some days. And Q&A sessions are daily affairs. There is no way we can escape from them. In fact, they help us introspect and reflect too.

  4. Daisy Bala says:

    Queen bee mom, the leader of the pack, the quintessence that make us, comes from her. Isn’t she there in everything we do or we are! awesome post!

  5. Chetan says:

    Queen bee mom…. absolutely Moms are everything…Difficult to imagine life withouy her

  6. Deepika says:

    Queen ant, quite like the idea. I think i would relate more to queen ant and q/a solver for ever. Even in 10th my son asks me questions and then answers them. While i look at him he goes asking you answers them automatically. 😀
    Love your writing
    Deepika Sharma

  7. You series is making me see me in a new light….. a new role every day
    here from atoz

  8. I can relate to everything…. Especially QA manager.. Answering never ending questions of my kiddos.

  9. I love today’s post…Queen Bee, queen ant, quintessential and most of all question and answer! My son 36 years ago had so many questions. I never wanted to give him the wrong answers but there was no internet. I used to go to the library and search through the Tell me why series. His WHY would never end and he used to ask about the space and planets and how was I born! He became a quizzer later 🙂

  10. Absolutely! So.many hats and yet sometimes doesn’t get the deserved appreciation from family

  11. I agree with what you said… We need to do way more to make the mothers in our lives feel like queens. And to normalize it in society too, bit by bit

  12. I love the analogies you come up with Pragun. Queen Bee is such an apt title for multi-tasking Mom’s. Just wish Mom’s got more acknowledgement and appreciation than most do.

  13. Roma says:

    Very well said that we must try our moms to feel like a Queen’s sometimes. I lost her 15 years ago and today I can only regret.

  14. loved the post dear. yes, agree dear we moms do need a break sometimes and want to get treated with love and some special gesture with their families. the book you suggested sounds interesting to me. will check this out.

  15. Varsh says:

    Queen bee makes me feel like reaching for the crown and adorning it with style! So true that moms have to be both honey and its sting for their kids. Being a queen has its challenges, after all.

  16. Ruchi Verma says:

    Queen Ant is something new for me, yes I agree moms are answer key book to all our questions.

  17. Queen bee is absolutely spot on… and so is quintessential. And as far as Q&A goes, there is no one to beat Mom. Love this post! 🙂

  18. I liked that ‘Mother is a Queen Bee. If she can give you honey, she can sting you too!”
    Truly mothers know how to prepare kids for life.

  19. Honey with sting combo is definitely a gift and truly we are gifted to having moms to guide us all through

  20. The Queen. And the A1 qualities. 😀

  21. Jyoti says:

    I like that mother is queen bee .Moms also are a combo of sugar and spice, honey and sting/ dunk both.

  22. Of all the terms I loved the concept of Queen Bee! True to every word.

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