My AtoZ – 2018 Reflections of the great writing month.

2018 A to Z Challenge Reflections
MY first time with A to Z challenge. The theme is about posting daily for each 26 alphabets A to Z. Was not sure of the theme but then chose the Panch tattvas and other natural resources which are part of us and inspire us daily. My Theme for AtoZ challenge on blog chatter and AtoZ is nature & its Tatvas.
It was my first time with AtoZ challenge. I was afraid that I managed, although was sometimes not happy with the article as later it became stagnation in mind, still with so many co-bloggers around I was motivated all through the month.
Whats’ My theme? – It was Panch tattva’s of nature and natural things that inspire me to write. My theme
Why nature? – Since all these things I’m passionate about and also They truly inspire me in every way so nothing best I could have thought of for my first ever participation. I’m a beginner and have learned a lot in this month from other bloggers.
I had to write them in mobile notes, on paper, rough drafts before I finalized them. Finally, I had all lined up, but many words were missing, sometimes articles were not framed but still, I survived. and here is my My AtoZ
Here is a list of my all natural resources and tattvas around us that inspire & motivate always. Its high time we take care of our nature and its resources for sustainable environment and better future.
Here is the complete list of my posts for the A to Z Challenge:-
A – A is for AIR
B – B is for Beach
C – C is for Cloud
D – D is for Desert
E – E is for Earth
F – F is for Fire
G – G is for Green
H – H is for Habitat
I – I is for Incredible India
J – J is for Jungle
K – K is for Kitchen Garden
L – L is for Leaves
M – M for mountain & mud
N – N for Natural
O – O for Ocean
P – P for Panch Tattva
Q – Q for Quartz
R – R for Rain & R’s
S – S for Sun-Sea-Sky
T – T for Trees
U – U for Universe
V – V for Valley
W – W for Water
X – X for Xeriscape
Y – Y for Yes to nature
Z – Z is for Zoo
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  1. 9th April 2018

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  2. 9th April 2018

    […] For my other AtoZ links check AtoZ 2018 […]

  3. 9th April 2018

    […] “Vadani kaval gheta nam ghya shree hariche. Sahaj havan hote, nam gheta phukache. Jeevan kari jivitva anna he poornabrahma. Udarbharan nohe janije yadnya karma”. Jai Jai Raghuvir Samarth. Jai Jai Raghuvir Samartha!!! This shloka means oh lord, thanks for the food you have given me on my plate. I accept this food as a prasadam after offering it to you and pray. Don’t eat only fulfill hunger, but it’s like a religious ritual like yagna.   I thank all elements of this nature for this food I eat. It’s not only hunger I eat it’s for the Agni energy to seek. In my blog too I share recipes and food-related posts under “Fire’ head Participating in and For my other AtoZ links check AtoZ 2018 […]

  4. 9th April 2018

    […] For my other AtoZ links check AtoZ 2018 […]

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