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What if Festive Flavour never ends!

A famous Indian writer puts it “The Greatness of a Culture can be found in its Festivals”, and obviously the greatness of an Incredible country like India is seen in the wide spectrum of religions, occupations, vivid and vivacious list of festivals celebrated with sheer

Ganesha 2018 – a glimpse

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया !!!!! Ganpati bappa morya Ganesha utsav or vinayak chaturthi is celebrated all over India. A brief about Ganpati sthapna. Sharing here Beautiful Ganesha sthapna decor, reference images of decorations done by my friends and family. Image -PraGun Foto credit – shri yogesh

Ganpati sthapana – गणपति स्थापना

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is a Hindu festival which is celebrated with great devotion all over the country as well as outside India too by Indians all over the world. Ganesh utsav is a 10 day festival which starts on Ganesh chaturthi and ends

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KHIRAPAT – पंचखाद्य खिरापत

Ingredients: 3/4 cup grated dry coconut, one can use desiccated coconut also. Roast it so it stays for long 1 tbsp Poppy seeds, roasted and coarsely grounded 100 gram powdered sugar approx 1 cup 1/4 tsp cardamom powder 6 to 7 dried dates ( to

Deep Amavasya

Today is Deep Amavasya as per Hindu calendar. Amavasya is a no moon day and this ashada Amavasya has a significance in Shravan month. It is considered a very auspicious day. From tomorrow onwards the Shravan month begins. This is celebrated in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Andhra

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Rang bhari Ekadashi

Today is rang bhari ekadashi, This day falls between mahashivratri and Holi festival. It is celebrated in north and specially in banaras as its believed that Lord shiva and parvati came to Kashi after getting married for the first time. Kashi as it is is

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Connect with Earth

Roads and forks came to my mind because of a simple healthy yogic ritual of sitting on floor and having your food/ meals. When forks meet roads i mean when we are having food sitting on floor we are connected to Earth element. Sitting on

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शुभ विजयादशमी

Dussehra / Vijayadahmi is the last day of Navratri (september/ october as per tithi)which falls on the 10th day during the calender month of Ashvin. This celebration starts from Navratri and ends with the tenth day festival of “Dussehra”. Navratri and Dussehra is celebrated throughout

Arrival of Ganesha 2017

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया !!!!! Ganpati bappa morya Ganesha utsav or vinayak chaturthi is celebrated all over india, specially central India. For more info click on – Ganpati sthapna   Sharing here Beautiful Ganesh sthapna decor These are the reference images of decorations done by my

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