Why The Indian Way Of Sitting On The Floor And Eating Is Good For Health

India is a country with its own culture and tradition. It has a rich history which can be found even in the way they eat. The Indian way of sitting on the floor with food in their laps, and eating with their hand, is something that is not very common among other countries. But it does not mean Indians are unhygienic or dirty; this is simply their way of eating. Sitting and eating on the floor comes with numerous health benefits too and it’s a great way to stay connected to Mother Earth.

Importance of sitting on the floor

Sitting on the floor is not just a cultural practice in India, but has also been long revered for its numerous health benefits. The Indian style of sitting on the floor and eating food is important because it helps to attain optimal physical and mental health. Further, there are several benefits associated with sitting cross-legged or in an “Indian style” position:

Helps in digesting food.

The Indian way of sitting on the floor and eating is good for health. It helps in digesting food, which is why Indians don’t have any problems with their stomachs.

Improves body posture

Eating while sitting on the floor forces your body to maintain a healthier posture. This is because the way you position yourself when you’re eating on the floor forces your back to always be straight. Sitting in this position causes you to use your stomach muscles to hold up your upper body, which strengthens them. If you want to improve the muscle tone in your stomach, sit in a cross-legged position when you eat.

Makes the body flexible and strong

This posture further helps in strengthening the body and making it flexible. The Indian way of sitting on the floor and eating is good for health because it helps improve posture and strengthen abdominal muscles. The stomach muscles are strengthened when you’re resting your weight over your feet

Its a type of yoga

Sitting crossed leg is an asana by the name of Sukhasna. So we are not just sitting and eating but also multi-tasking and doing a yoga asana at the same time.
Our spines can keep their natural curvature without being stretched too much

Improved blood circulation

Sitting cross-legged improves the blood circulation in our body as it relaxes the nerves and the pressure on them, thus further helping in proper blood circulation. The chest cavity will expand more widely than if you’re sitting up straight

Relaxes the mind and calms the nerves

Along with sitting to eat food, we are performing Sukhasana and padmasana postures, they are giving calming benefits in return. Yogasana helps to calm the mind and relaxes tensed nerves. In Ayurveda, eating with a calm and peaceful mind helps aid in better digestion. The intracranial pressure will increase when we bend forward which will help prevent headaches and migraines

There are lots of reasons why the Indian way of sitting on the floor and eating is good for health.



Humans were not conditioned to sit on chairs

For many of us, sitting on the ground is something we do only during outdoor activities. So why would it be good for your health?

The Indian way of sitting on the floor and eating is good for health because humans were not conditioned to sit on chairs. Modern lifestyles are ruining our bodies by causing back pain, heart disease, depression, and obesity.

One of the best things that can be done is to stop sitting down on chairs and start sitting on the floor. It’s a healthier approach to eating and socializing as it provides an opportunity to get closer to people.


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  1. This article beautifully explains the health benefits of the traditional Indian practice of sitting on the floor while eating. It’s fascinating to learn how this simple habit can enhance digestion, improve posture, and promote mindfulness during meals. Embracing these age-old traditions can indeed lead to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Thank you for shedding light on this important aspect of our cultural heritage!

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