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― Louise Dickinson Rich



Recently I accompanied my kiddo to an exam center in Chennai.

In the meantime, while he was taking his exam all I did was admire the Trees in the school.

I was lost in time while roaming around the school, and here I am sharing them on Thursday Tree Love.



All I can think while admiring these trees is that planting trees is a simple thing everyone can do to reduce carbon dioxide, a principal greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. No matter where you live, you can plant trees…and take a proactive, positive step toward keeping our planet healthy.



A tree lover spots and clicks a tree from anywhere and everywhere.

My Tree Love helps me admire and recognize trees around me wherever I go.







From My Green Bag

I’m sharing my #TreeLove with – the #ThursdayTreeLove blog hop, a photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur. Coupled with this, This is my Love Your Planet “Earth” post and a post to make us aware of the trees around us.
Save trees, nurture, conserve, and preserve the trees around us, and on our planet. Do you love Trees?
Do you love knowing more about trees?  Explore the trees in your neighborhood and join Tree Love.

You might also like to see my Tree Love in these trees:

To add on, read and join the Sustainability with Prachi series and listen to interviews with Eco-conscious people who are trying their bit towards conscious and sustainable living practices only on Green Tatwa Talks. There is so much to learn and explore from all of them I have interacted with, Do listen and drop in your views in the comments. Check here to learn more about all the Eco-Friendly dates.

What’s more, Along with Eco-friendly discussions, I even share Positive stories of people bringing beautiful change to this world.
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Along with this, Support, share, and try to bring that one change in your life toward a greener tomorrow.

Keep visiting.

Being Eco-Friendly is not a choice, make it a habit.

Without a doubt, sustainability is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more eco-friendly, sustainable and a part of your daily life.

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3 Responses

  1. Love the green around and I find small papaya trees very cute. Also, coconut tree is a joy. Thanks for joining, Pragun and hope to see you around on the 14th.

  2. Alan says:

    I love everything about trees. I’m blessed that northeast Oklahoma where I live has an abundance of forests, some of them in remote rocky areas are old growth forests. I find a lot of comfort in solace in the woods.

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