My workspace is my ikigai, A creative snuggery where ideas thrive

This weekend I decided to just look at my workspace, my desk, and pamper a bit. Ahh! it’s been a long I have not seen it properly, pondering just over a cup of tea and maybe thanking it for being a selfless, sweet, perfect partner to me all these years. It gave me so many virtual friends for life, with whom I share a mental space, creative thoughts, similar mindset, and blogging world too.

Once upon a time

This dates back to 2011 when I use to love net surfing, exploring, reading online, and also a bit of coding. After being a mom, priorities changed, and being online took a backseat. Thanks to my diary which consumed everything I shared in all these years. I use to write in my personal diary like any teenager use to do in those times. All these years, I read many posts, articles, books, blogs and slowly a thought started to crawl in my head. To get digital myself and begin writing online and giving all my handwritten stuff a digital place to survive. I decided to start blogging in 2011 and then came the need for a computer. Back then, I loved my PC a lot, which my mom gifted me when I had turned 21 years of age. So, I bought it from mom’s place and happily started writing. I made my first blog on Blogspot with the name – creatingmyownsky. Thanks to my workstation for giving me the feel to write, create, explore, express, and reach readers.

It’s been 10 odd years and this PC, workstation, my belongings, my keyboard which has helped me write lots of musings, helped me weave a lot of words, express my random and structured thoughts. Wow, and so today when I look back this is with me for ages now. Yes, the accessories kept changing, but the base and the big black box are still with me. This seems to be the perfect time to adore my PC as next month I’m switching to a travel buddy and might be saying bye to it, considering the shifting on charts. But yes the workstation grew with me, helped me to explore and express myself.

The journey prevails

This post sure will be dear and near to me when I got time to just cherish the memories attached to it, and the journey it sailed with me. My workspace, my computer terminal is my canvas, my blackboard, my blank paper, it’s my artistic world that helps me put my creative foot forward and active always. I can create and write my wish, my thoughts, my musings. My Friends live in this virtual world that helps me think, create, write, imagine. I have made many friends out there just because this terminal was with me as a bridge to fill the gap between me and the virtual world out there.

My workspace
My Workspace
My Workspace rhyme

When I write with this keyboard, every tap of my finger and click on keys has a story to tell.
It hides my leftover chips in bits, and even the tea that spilled in my haphazard mess,
In the journey of tip-tap clicks, some keys are faded, but they seem to be my favorite.

When I scroll with the mouse, it’s a journey, in itself,
I walk on the path infinite, to write, under the moonlight…
It has clicked ample folders, files, images, documents, and a varied number of sites,

The buddha lamp brings my distracted, overthinking, random thoughts back to me again,
The books on the side take me on a ride to a new world every time I turn the page,
The candle fills me with the aroma to refresh my soul & sense time & again,
The mug was a gift to remind me to travel and explore always.

It’s my space to be creative, this is how I live and breathe,
My work nest is my favorite place in the entire space.
It’s my canvas, to create memories,
To spread messages, positivity, and sustainability.
My workspace always inspires me and so does my Pen,
I write about everything under the sky, beyond horizons, time and again.

It’s a journey in itself with poems, quotes, notes I write
I sketch, I doodle, I scribble and I even love to sit in quiet.
My companion for tea, when I cherish an ongoing series.
To explore the panchtattwa’s of life, balance them, and seeking answers to my queries,
I write on my blog where all tatwa’s reside and come alive in varied stories…

My Workspace is my happy place to be,
Learning every day and evolving like a tree.
Beating deadlines and completing in a jiffy,
Recording for podcasts that’s an addiction to my potpourri.
The travel continues, and so does the time,
It’s the comfort I seek, In all it provides.

To read more of my poems click here. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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