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Writing inspirations

Writing is a passion for me and so is reading.
what inspires me to write is my blog, my workstation.
When my spirit sags………I look for my workstation, My computer, my creative space, my day night hang out place, my world, my everything, it is my inspiration.
I look out of the window and I get my topic and ideas on what to write.
Nature – The Sun, the Seas, The Sky, The Sands everything inspires me to write on them.
I write this blog from the computer, I work from there, I connect with the virtual world from here only. This is the place I had created my creations, my creative works, my designs, my ideas.
It’s my true love because I cant stay without my computer my work place, which I worship from the soul. It makes me complete as I love writing and since writing is my passion my writing table, my computer is very special to me.
This gadget has stored my happiness, my sorrows, has helped me express my views all my life. I have found my passion to write with this only.
It makes me special because my computer make me “ME” the real me, i have found who I am and what i can do.
Another inspiration is Reading which in turn inspires me to write, and having a room of books around me is what i would love next to me.

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  1. StephJ says:

    Nature motivates me to write also! Also reading something wonderful and motivational stimulates me to do the same,

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