Letter to my child from the child in me!

Okay, so the child in me has decided to write this letter to my child…

Hello and loads of hugs my rainbow of life, my sunshine, my sun-shower, and my lifeline.

How are you, my boys? hope to find you in a healthy and happy spirit {I know you are always inactive naughty spirits} but still…

Writing a letter to you is like an odd feeling for me as it gives me the feeling as if we are poles apart…. that too when we sleep on the same bed… also,

{You rarely read I know, boys your age don’t even listen to what moms say, reading is a big hulk of a task}

But someday I know you will leave me and fly with your widespread wings into this wonderful world. So before you step out of that door.

{arey, the same door you came inside in this house beta ji} Yes yes you heard me right you have to step out someday, after all, how long can your dad keep earning for you and how long can I cook meals for you… so sooner or later you have to step out to step in again….}

I am Joking!!!

Writing, Write, Fountain Pen, Ink, Scribe, Handwriting

Few words from the teen in me…

You are very small right now but time flies and so I decided to write a small letter to you today. {you know small for your mom is like filled like a mall}…. wink wink.

What made me write this letter today is because soon my sunny boy will be entering his teens and it will be an overload of emotions for you.

{not just you it will be emotion overload for me too, I can’t imagine my baby boy with a husky voice, hormonal changes, birds & bees, girlfriends…. nahi ye sun ne se pehle main….. oh sorry seems i entered the drama queen mode… sorry i will come back to the Letter}

Today, when I recalled my teens It all took me back to my days and a smile just crossed my face recalling the fun-filled days.

{Yaadie Yaadie sirf yade reh jatihai….} oh back to post…


College days, the most active days, successful days. When I was young, and just wanted to fly From a successful career woman to everything else, life took a turn. As your grandpa left us, your granny who bought me up all alone now wanted to have a family that I had missed.

{hey don’t worry I wont force you till you are ready, so don’t stress.} Haha silly me…

And during this ‘haan’ and ‘naa’ ke arguments I met your dad and said yes just to fulfill your granny’s wish. But, later I saw an OG RayBan clad on the bullet… well that was the end of something and the beginning of another thing. It was a beginning because you won’t believe I had no plans for you so early… but but but

{life has better plans for you when you are not planning or may be planning}

When I think of it now after 11 years I realize that I was unaware of happiness you both bought in our lives.

Few words from the mom in me…

Ahh! how can a mom write and not give any instruction, I feel moms and instructions are co-related… So before I enter my mommy mode, did I tell you that my obsession for 5 elements aka panchtatwas of life was the reason that I named both of you with names that mean Sun and Rain. As a beautiful rainbow is formed when the Sun & Rain both come together, so are both of you in my life. You are so much a part of me that if someday I scold you or be harsh that becomes my worst day too.

Rainbow, Beautiful, Devon, Nature, Sun

You are now entering teens and soon you will start having your own thoughts and world. After a few years you will be independent and stand on your feet.

{Yes yes I know you can stand on your feet today also i mean being independent boys}

So, I just wanted to tell you I’m always there beside you but it’s you who have to handle all the phases in life.

{you never know your mom can be Helicopter eela kinda mom too….}

At this age, you want to be big. You want to serve your country. Do everything independently, except study. It’s cause you feel studies are boring and growing up is easy and fun. But let me tell you my boy growing is not fun, its filled with loads and loads of responsibilities, technicalities, and functionalities. Right now at your age, you feel parents are after your life and friends look more friendly to you, I know its growing up phase and I respect it.

The MoM in me will always teach you the best.
Instead of attitude I teach them gratitude
I teach them Sharing & helping Instead of cheating
Teach the Power of writing Instead of fighting

Smiley, Emoticon, Anger, Angry, Anxiety, Emotions

In this journey called motherhood, I have learned a lot from both of you. Being a mother and wearing this tag of “Aai” was not an easy job for a working woman who decided with a heavy heart to shift her priorities towards her kids. But today after 11 years I don’t regret this decision as to when I see you and when we all three spend time together its a different experience which no job could have given me. Parenting with you is a give and take a journey as I have also learned a lot while teaching you.

I learnt these P’s of parenting from you –

Patience, Positivity, Practicality, politeness, persistence, pleasing, protective, promising.

Click here to read my parenting journey with patience and positivity.

All I want you, my boys to be responsible citizens, sensible humans, and caring men. Never ever hurt the feeling of anyone especially any girl or woman in your life. I want you to be a man of his words. Life will give you loads of choices and options, I want you to have the wisdom to choose what is best for you and stick to your goals. A Parent just wants to impart the best of my knowledge and values to you. No one is perfect but all we can do is do good, be good, share well. What message I want to leave for my kids is only to be a good human.

Few words from the child in me…

Hey boys do you know, your mom too have a child hidden inside her. Although you often get to see that child when we play together. When we race together and I win and sometimes you meet that child when we fight and you win when we laugh at the same joke and tease someone in unison.

Every parent re-lives their childhood in kids. I want to spend all these moments with both of you and create forever memories.

I want to jump, I want to play,

Just want to swirl, I want to be that little girl,
“I want to dance, I want to hop,

Go behind & hide, I want to go back on that slide,
I want to attend the school, I want to fight for that seat in the class,
No responsibility, no duties to abide, No bills to pay, no mess to clean,
Just move around carefree being the real me.
Watch cartoon for hours and then say i am tired for the day,
The special stomach ache which pops up only when school bus is arriving,

the fight for that half mark with my best buddy.

Farbkleckse, Rainbow, Vector, Colorful

Boys, I want to spend the best of my time with you to make you positive, strong, loving, caring humans.

I want to tell you are born on beautiful Earth so let your every moment be special.Screen, A Fairy Tale, The Sun, Sweetheart, Colorful

Sometimes even if you are right still wrong may happen to you but you need to have faith and believe in yourself always. Life is not easy but a good company will surely help you sail smoothly. And always have trust in your parents as they are your helping hand always.

It’s a blessing to be born into a happy family. And you are the best thing that ever happened in their life. [Well, besides they met each other to have you in their life…wink wink]

I Will pause my pen for a while and stop writing now. Else the letter will become a lecture speech. I know kiddos you may have no ears to lectures or things I am saying, but as a mom, it’s my duty. I admit that I am not that parent who will say ” ja jeeli apni jindagi” or at this time I can say “okay I will let you be whatever you want” because I see life practically and for living alone with passion you will need loads of support and I will be that support, this I can assure you. Have faith in me and never stop dreaming and achieving your goals.

Always keep your smile like my sunshine that glows forever. You are born on this beautiful Earth to make it happier and brighter.

You are the real Sun and rain of my life without which this Earthy mom will lose her identity.

With loads & loads of love

Your earthy birdy – chilly cherry mommy aka “Aai”

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Prompts: A letter to your child, telling him what I learned from him and sharing about that child inside me.

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52 Responses

  1. Alpana Deo says:

    What should I say PraGun? I am speechless. It was coming straight from your heart and I could feel of given a chance you would have written a speech letter.
    The poem lines in the “letter from child in me” made me nostalgic. Yes I want to be that child again.

  2. Archana says:

    Amazing way of writing, I am sure your boys will definitely going to proud of their parents while reading your letter that how blessed kids they are by having so strong parents.

  3. That is a beautiful letter from a mother. I simply loved the funny parts in brackets. 😉 I am sure when the kids grow up and read this, they will understand every word of it.

  4. Mittali says:

    We all get to re-live our childhood through that of our kids. Spending most of our time playing with our little ones is quite important as it will be flown soon. Nice read.

  5. your post is great as usual, I liked the way you divided it into phases. Yaa, even I never though of getting married as a teenager but then love happened.
    I am going to save you P’s of parenting. great letter.

  6. Wow PraGun loved it and what a style to share your emotions as a mother. Especially loved the funny lines in between, this has given a fresh and positive touch to letter. Lots of blessing to both boys.

  7. Pashmeena Chowdhary says:

    Lovely article straight from a loving heart. The parenting P’s were perfect. You have shared wonderful wisdom and concern..Great..

  8. What a full of energy letter. I love your writing style. It was as if, someone is talking to me, infact a kid. The casual sentences in between add friendliness. I could find myself in a lot of places and it makes me believe, all mommas are the same! 🙂

  9. Anjali M Naik says:

    wow such a precious letter to you kids.. I am sure your kids are lucky to have a cool mom like you..Wonderfully written

  10. This is such a candid and honest letter from a mom. Yes we parents re-live our childhood with our kids and that makes us be a kid all over again. Lived reading your post, such a candid (emotional and funny at the same time)..

  11. Pragun, you just wrote words deep in your heart for your boys. reading this, i wonder how would I be when Penguin turns teen.
    Quoting you “Ahh! how can a mom write and not give any instruction, I feel moms and instructions are co-related…” , this is universal truth …

    • Thanks pragnya for stopping by.
      Yes even i was clueless of this phase when my boys were toddlers, but dont worry moms also grow with time and you will sail thru.
      you know there was a time i use to tease my mom with this name of instruction manual and slowly i also turned the same, universal truth passed from generations to generations.

  12. Maneet Gulati says:

    Straight from a mother’s heart! loved the undertones of humour here and there. Your boys are lucky to have gotten meaningful names from you. Absolutely adorable write up.

  13. vidhya says:

    A beautiful letter!! amazinggg! loved it !

  14. Pragun this was a treat to read. You warmed my heart with your lovely sentiments and also made me nostalgic about my own childhood days!

  15. This letter going to be a beautiful piece of reading memory for your kids. You have just pour the emotions in it.

  16. Surbhi says:

    So cute! Loved the candidness in your words and I am sure the boys will have fun reading this when they grow up!

  17. you have penned it so well seems straight away from heart. kids will definitely leave us one day and fly. Loved thep oem you have penned. Reminded me to pause for a while and enter my childhood for a sec.

  18. Rashi Roy says:

    Loved the heartfelt letter and enjoyed the humor too! Very well written.

  19. Jameela says:

    Pragun this is a letter which Ur child will cherish lief long, that flair in your writing is amazing,i love the choice of words used.

  20. There’s always a child within us. It’s just that we have to keep him alive. Great work done

  21. Tina says:

    Wow! Loved how you wrote the letter from different perspectives. Very interesting and candid post.

  22. This is a heartfelt letter. Even though they grow up we are always there with arms wide open for them

  23. Disha says:

    Teaching kids from personal experience is always a good idea. Liked how you have written relatable situations for your kids to learn from them.

  24. I enjoyed the way you have structured your post and written it from the perspective of different phases of your life. It is interesting and witty. I love the way you have articulated such meaningful points in simple words.

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