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Embrace life, don’t resist it

Nature, the hills, the valley has taught me to embrace life, the beauty of nature, the beauty of natural elements and their existence. I have learned to live my life the way it is and indeed it is beautiful when you see it with my eyes.

I have this habit of loving nature and trees near me, Let me introduce you with my walking and talking friend. So this is the tree whom I look forward to daily and talk with her, sometimes discuss too and it patiently listens to me.

It looks like inverted Lambda, the symbol of wavelength, it also says its a “Y” which says yes to everything and stands tall spreading positivity. Lambda is just a symbol or variable – variable is not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change, and so is our life and thoughts.

It’s a Sitka spruce tree


This tree has said hello to me when I go for walks, has heard my inner cry when I was sad, has seen me laugh in my happiness too. It’s my best friend and I feel a very deep connection with trees and plants and It’s always refreshing to spend time with them. I always feel a part of beautiful nature, I feel they also talk to me as I speak with them.

I’m sharing my #TreeLove with #ThursdayTreeLove blog hop, a photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur


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8 Responses

  1. JoAnna says:

    A beautiful tree and relationship! Trees are such good listeners.

  2. I think trees can also feel as connected to us as we feel towards them. Lovely post, and thank you for joining our linky party with this thought-provoking post this week.

  3. That’s a lovely one and how apt name is that. Lambda. Where do you live, Pragun? Where was this tree?
    I loved that you shared this one. Do join us tomorrow?

  4. Damyanti says:

    That’s so beautiful.

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