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Limitless universe

Some deep hidden emotionsJust got stirred on a moonlit night,Words woven stretched a few miles,to feel her muse with seraphic smile.A drop at the corner of eyes emerged,after ages of staying parched,Is it what they call...


The day when Decade time-traveled!

“dEcaaAdee” Decade on a travel वो कौन है जिसने मुड़ के मुझे नहीं देखा Wo kaun hai jisne mud ke mujhe nahi dekha अह्ह्ह्ह वो सदी है, वो दशक है, वो २०१० से २०१९ का डिकेड...


Yaadon ki rail

Hello, Pranam and Namaskar to one and all. Soon, the calendar enters 2020 and we the lucky lot, get to see the last teens of this century. So much is trending about the “last teens of...