Does Water-Wind-Mountain ever make you feel about a Woman?

Water-Wind-Mountain and Woman

Am I like everything or something around me.

I find the woman within me
flowing like water
furious like wind
strong like wall
framed like window
warm like blanket

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I was reading this quote when I was sitting beside the Window near the Wall.

Suddenly the wind blew, Waving my hair and a thought crossed my mind about the #WomanthatIam…

Tell me, have you ever compared the walls around you
or the flowing Wind or even the lively Water around,
with “the Woman in you”?
Water-Wind-Mountain and Woman have you ever seen them in You?

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Have you felt the wind lately?

Wind furious… Woman curious…

I’m strong like the blow and the other day

in contrast beautifully softer & calmer in-flow.

I manage my day and gets the tag of being a supermom,

The other day I will just be myself being soft and calm,

The wind is so violent sometimes and another day it’s a gentle breeze…

I’m also sometimes really agitating and sometimes so soft no one just agrees.

I feel I fly and move ahead like air everywhere,

Full-filling responsibility be it career or family affair.

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Have you tasted the water presently?

Water springing up from the earth and also falling from heavy mountains,
Women too rising from themselves and falling for their roles and responsibilities like a fountain.

The Water may flow furiously and on the other shore it’s completely calm,
I’m also strong like stone and the other day softer like cardamom.

With the wings of freedom, yet I hold my Equilibrium,
Water adjusts as per vessel, I too modify as per the situations.

Did you try and punch the Wall! or maybe a mountain…

Did you notice the Walls around,
they are liberating as well as blocking too?

Maybe I’m behind the walls but I’m standing tall,
I’m limitless, I’m precious, like a fireball.

You call me force multiplier, it’s coz I’m a highflier
And I know what you require before you enquire,

Aim to soar high to the sky and bind all in a bow tie,
Likewise, I know my family will always stick by.

I’m like that mountain, you see from your windowpane,
strong, stable and support many things
I can even withstand a lot of pressure
I may have so many secrets and unknown features
But all together I’m beautiful in my own way…

I have by now realized it’s my stage of life,

where I have to perform before it’s time to say bye.

I have to nurture my bonsai of life,

I have miles to go before I say goodbye.

Here’s my picture of Water-Wind-Mountain & Woman, what do you visualize yourself in?

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Sharing a beautiful poem on women and 5 elements-

कुदरत के साथ एक रिश्ता रूहानी बन जाये
मेरी और इन पांचों की एक कहानी बन जाये

पावँ जमीन बन जाये
दिल आसमां बन जाये
इरादे आग बन जाये
सोच हवा बन जाये
रूह पानी बन जाये

कुदरत के साथ एक रिश्ता रूहानी बन जाये
मेरी और इन पांचों की एक कहानी बन जाये

Hence, Bowing down to the core of mother nature and her five elements that keep us going. Look around and you will realize

we are nothing without them and no money can buy them back. Let us preserve what has been generously granted to us. Or one day she won’t spare us for our wrongdoings. Just the way any mother won’t. 💚 Bless the woman in you and in your life who continuously flows like water, is strong like a mountain and furious like wind yet calm like an ocean to take care of house and family and balance the tatwa’s. Stay connected to mother nature and be proud to be the Woman that You are! After all, you are a WoW-MoM.

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Finally, With this once again Wishing all a very Happy Women’s Day!!!

And which day doesn’t belong to her anyway💚

“This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The event is sponsored by Kraffitti.”

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114 Responses

  1. This had the echoes of eco-feminism how women is like nature and also exploited like it, do read Maragaret Atwood’s or Vandana Shiva’s work in this field. So creatively attempted.

    • PraGun says:

      Thanks Pooja for appreciating my attempt at eco-feminism. Will surely read the authors you suggested. It’s always good to read those of similar thoughts.

  2. Alpana Deo says:

    Wow Pragun. I have always admired your writing skills.they are different with a touch of softness in it.
    Bonsai of life…omg..that so apt and beautiful. Woman is the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature. I have read many posts on woman’s day but yours felt different and somewhat special. I felt connected. Loved your word selection. Happy Woman’s Day to you too!!

    • PraGun says:

      Thanks alpana, means a lot when appreciation comes from you. Yes our family and life is just like a bonsai isn’t it. Woman indeed is the most creative creation of Nature and that’s why I always bow to nature. No prizes for guessing how I chose my headline.

  3. vidhya29 says:

    woow loved the 5 elements poem! I loved the way you penned!

  4. I’ve always liked your writing and today’s post was really different.
    5 elements and women! Amazing way of handling the theme.
    I usually don’t share blog posts within my circle, but today I am sharing this post.

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you Romila for appreciating my post.
      Thanks, you made my day by saying you like my writing, it really motivates me to explore more of my skills.
      and that’s so kind of you to appreciate it by sharing too, yes I did saw your share.

  5. Deepika Mishra says:

    I love the concept of comparing women with nature itself like wind, water and mountain. As she also nurtures just like nature does. But when one tries to exploit her, another side also came which is so terrible to handle so don’t try to mess with nature and the woman too. Your friends five element theory is also awesome. I loved the post.

    Deepika Mishra

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you, Deepika for loving and appreciating the post.
      5 elements are my best friends.
      Yes nature and woman, if troubled beyond capacity, will revert back strong. They will bear till they can.

  6. Water-wind-mountain – what a beautiful comparison. Love the way you have drawn parallels with nature and woven into words. Beautifully-penned!

  7. Wow wow wow, that’s why I call women are daughters of earth. Loved every bit of it. More power to you dear.

  8. Ruchi Nasa says:

    I am water, I am wind, I am mountain, I am fire, I am sky … You will get from me depending on how you treat me. Such a deep post and so beautiful.

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou Ruchi for appreciating.
      Yes, nature is giving like any mother but it has its own limits and we need to understand it the same is with the woman one should never test her patience.

  9. Archana says:

    Brilliant way to represent eco feminism, yes well said Nature and Woman resemble in many ways, I so loved the amalgamation of Panchtatva and womanism , to describe a strong woman’s real beauty and flair.

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou Archana for liking and appreciating my eco-feminism.
      Panchtatwa elements are my passion and that’s why I always bow down to nature.

  10. Poorvi Khare says:

    Which day doesnt belong to her anyway…loved it. So beautifully penned. Woman IS in the nature. Kudos!

  11. Sonia Madaan says:

    Wow, beautifully penned. Loved the concept. Fresh and unique. Nature and woman both nurturer.

  12. Jyoti Jha says:

    How amazingly you have compared the five elements of nature, to that of the combined power within a woman. Exquisite and full of flair!

  13. Arushi Seth says:

    I have always loved your posts but today’s was just so amazing. This has been one of the most different takes on the prompt and it is so appropriate. You have penned this down beautifully and I love it when you say, which day does not belong to her anyway. Happy Women’s Day to You!!

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou arushi you made my day by saying you love my posts. Woman is nature’s wonderful creation and so I bow down to her as well as all natural elements. Thanks for appreciating.

  14. Meena Chatty says:

    You know, I have always felt that water is just like a mother, nurturing, caring, soft, clear, playmate and can be a strict disciplinarian too. But, I have always felt that a mountain is like father, hard, strong, full of adventure, makes you stronger, pushing you more and more to be a better person.

    After reading your post, I am trying to imagine a mountain as a woman.

    Great post, Pragun

    Meena from

    • PraGun says:

      Thanks Meena agree your thoughts are also superb may be i never thought from that angle. Loved your comparison a lot. And thanks for liking the post.

  15. Srivalli says:

    I like how you included the elements in your poem and compared them with women. The structuring of the poem was quite interesting. 🙂

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou srivalli for liking the nature’s wonderful creation woman compared to natural elements. Thanks for appreciating my efforts.

  16. Very overwhelming post. I think I would describe myself as the water.


  17. Yatindra Tawde says:

    Loved the way you brought five elements into play. Excellent writing. – Yatindra Tawde

  18. The comparision of a woman’s life to water is admirable. Always shape shifting and adapting to various duties and roles, we are definitely strong and inspiring.

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou Zenobia for appreciating. Yes indeed we woman have this quality of adjusting and moulding ourselves to situations we are in.

  19. You rightly said that it is Women’s day every day and they deserve it too. Your post was unique and well presented Pragun and i loved that poem.
    Good luck for further writings 🙂

  20. Brinda says:

    This allegoric writing is super smooth and the format even more fascinating to read through! I really like the way you have placed the lines as much as the allusions you refer to! Women have had a hard time but good times will roll! I also appreciate the way you have broken it up with attractive images with quotes and women personalities.

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you very much Brindha for such lovely and kind words of appreciation.
      Glad you liked my effort to relate nature’s best creation with nature itself.

  21. Such a meaningful and deep post . I love your writing style your perspective is so unique and philosophical. You have beautifully penned this…..

  22. I liked how you used the elements as metaphors to describe a woman.
    Creative and beautiful. Fire, wind, water and earth lies within every woman.

  23. Wind water and mountain.. So nicely compared with the attributes of a woman. Nature is called “Mother Nature” every woman carries the attributes of mother nature within her. Very nice and unique way to show the similarities between nature and woman.

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou Shail for appreciating.
      True, women are the best creation of nature and are no less than the natural elements themselves.

  24. A very beautifully penned post Pragun..You have written it in a very unique and eloquent way also..Loved your writing always😘The way you intertwined the life of a woman and especially elements of nature is commendable..Best wishes for your future posts..

    • PraGun says:

      Thankyou Pashmeena for loving my creation
      I feel the woman is nature’s best creation and she is no less powerful than natural elements itself.

  25. The most creative post, I must say. Women and nature so similar and also facing similar exploitation. Loved the various quotes you used and then interpreted them. A totally wow post.
    Deepika Sharma

    • PraGun says:

      OMG thanks for tagging me in most creative, I’m on cloud 9.
      Yes, I always feel the connection in natural elements and nature’s best creation – the woman. And we should not test the waters for both.
      Thank you for liking and appreciating

  26. Jyoti Arora says:

    Wow such a beautiful poem . A women cconnected to l the beauty of the nature. And the five elements of mother earth. Wonderful way of portraying a women character , emotions , weaknesses and strengths!!

  27. We are elemental! Enjoyed flowing with your words imagining feeling when required. I experience the water wind stone at a deeper level at this moment cause of your words

  28. Neeraja Ganesh says:

    Loved this – “I find the woman within me
    flowing like water
    furious like wind
    strong like wall”

  29. Manisha Garg says:

    You have beautifully expressed about the 5 elements with a woman. A different take on the prompt. Well thought and written.

  30. Water wind mountain woman so creative. Loved the poem of five elements too.

  31. Ritu says:

    Loved your post, Pragun. A fabulous take on the prompt. You have woven the paanch tatwas really well… it just flows. More power to you. Keep inspiring.

  32. Beautiful..what an analogy.. You are perfect is mixing the theme of your blog into your posts. And use of words and the comparison with 5 elements of universe is superb.

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you, Shipra for appreciating, but frankly thanks for calling it perfect but it’s not easy since my niche and theme are completely different.
      but yes since 5 elements are my passion I try my best to add them.
      You made my day dear.

  33. Wow so beautifully comparing five nature aliments with women and loved the way explanation of a women real beauty.

  34. Women is epitome of power, strength and sacrifice. The comparison you have drawn are just awesome, today I understood theme of your blog.

  35. Ninu Nair says:

    I really liked the way you posed the question and built upon it your post. And, also the way those inspirational quotes find a place in between. Such a beautiful thought to begin with and executed so nicely!

  36. Hema says:

    बहुत सुन्दर!!

  37. Deepti says:

    Beautiful chain of thoughts… well translated…loved it!!

  38. Monika says:

    Wow yar I loved how you related a woman to the elements . She has strengths similar to water wind walls . Absolutely loved it . Can I share your Hindi poem ?

  39. I so agree with you Pragun- every day belongs to us women! We are creators, we are nurturers, we are healers and we are dealers! We are the life source- really where would the world be without us? An interesting post creatively written, with your overall theme cleverly incorporated into it!

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you noor for appreciating my post.
      Yes, Women’s day is not just one day it’s every day.
      So well said we are creators-healers-dealers-nurturers..all bundled in one.

  40. Disha says:

    Liked your different take on the prompt. Comparing woman with the elements of nature through the post is beautifully woven.

  41. So true. That we women are made up of the same elements as this planet. that is where we get our strength from.

  42. Loved the unique format of your post Pragun. Loved the thoughts and questions your beautifully worded post raised in my mind.

  43. Supriti Garg says:

    The panchtatva of nature have been beautifully captured. what a parallel drawn by u.. The format is very unique and u have picked up the choicest quotes. enjoyed your take .. it was a refreshing read indeed.

  44. Urvashi says:

    One of the best poetries of the blog hop. Your imagination and creativity is amazing. I love your comparisons and bringing out the fierce nature of woman for this world. #damurureads Urvashi

  45. Abha Singh says:

    I must say your post is different and unique from other posts that I have read so far. You presented a woman’s strength in a beautiful way. Nicely penned down and loved reading every bit of it.

    -Abha Mondal

  46. Beautiful written, kudarat ki kahani(poem) I love it. 5 elements beautiful poem.

  47. Varsh says:

    A great way to highlight the connection between a woman and the five elements! Loved how you puts your thoughts across, Pragun. This is quite a creative way of writing and expression.

  48. Sonam says:

    Prague your analogy is very creative. A unique angle I loved 🙂

  49. Meera says:

    She is wind beneath the wings
    She is the Mountain
    She is a river and
    “She,” is the five elements nature has bestowed upon

    Thanks Pragun for this beautiful dedication

  50. Beautiful write up.Quite different aspect.Loved reading it.

    Sangya Nagpal

  51. Priyanka Nair says:

    Your blog name Pragun Tatwa itself suggests how much you are inclined towards the nature and its elements. I loved your take on woman and her elements compared with her daily hustle. Hindi kavita behad sunder, ekdum sahi tulna hai har element ke sath. I will like to save it somewhere.

    • PraGun says:

      Thank You very much, Priyanka for appreciating the post.
      Yes, I’m very passionate about the 5 elements in my daily life too and obviously the very reason for my blog name too.
      Do save and share the magic of 5 elements and women.

  52. Pragun this is beautiful. The concept has been figuratively so well that I already feel windy. Women and nature are synonymous with each other. Well-written and loved the quotes.

  53. Rashi Roy says:

    That’s a wonderful take on the prompt. How beautifully you have linked the elements of nature to that of a woman. One doesn’t realize but it’s so true. Loved your friend’s poem too. Glad you are a part of this blog hop and thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us 🙂

    • PraGun says:

      Thank you Rashi for liking the post.
      Women are nature’s best creation everything about her and nature is beautiful.
      It was my pleasure to be on this blog-hop with you.

  54. Manas Mukul says:

    Amazingly penned piece. Every one is made up of these elements but to use it to describe a woman and so beautifully. I mean wow. I guess the depth to your thought process comes from your awareness. Keep the super work going
    #RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm

  55. It was a treat to read this post Pragun. I salute your imagination, approach and writing. What a blend of nature’s elements and women’s attributes.

  56. The poem on women is amazing.

  57. Suhas Bhand says:

    Excellent expression n in true line with Indian philosophy where Prakriti resembles Stree (women) Shakti. Without her manifestation of Purush tatva is difficult in cosmos n thus concept of Ardhnarishwar , Shiva n Shakti. Keep writing n expressing your self Sis. Best of luck

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