Limitless universe

Some deep hidden emotions
Just got stirred on a moonlit night,
Words woven stretched a few miles,
to feel her muse with seraphic smile.
A drop at the corner of eyes emerged,
after ages of staying parched,
Is it what they call longing,
Or is it the ardour of belonging in plenitude.
The drop of inner happiness,
the one that fills emptiness,
The vehemence I hide
Just to feel it by my side.
My pluviophile heart longs,
on a barren thought.
On a path we walk along,
some feelings sing a wispy song.
A conspiracy of cosmos,
is beautifully matched in their unsaid verses.
A world unknown is created,
where just voice & warmth are curated.
A potpourri of emotions served
on a life’s melanged platter,
A boat that sails,
in unknown waters
to reach eternity
is what matters
In the infinite space of being lost,
their paths just crossed,
Their eyes never met,
but souls met like an enchanting sunset.
Life comes in chapters & verse,
And this was written by their limitless universe…

This post is a guest contribution to the ‘petals of love’ blog hop hosted by swarnali nath.

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22 Responses

  1. Wow!! How beautifully written. Was an on edge of a trip with those lines.

  2. Wow Pragun, what a beautiful poem!! As the words are woven with so much delicacy, the deep thoughts are oozing with purity of love. How beautifully you have stringed together love and the universe. Thank you so much for the beautiful guest contribution to our blog hop. I am grateful to you. Best wishes dear. ❤❤

  3. Lovely words Pragun..Such a calming effect they had on me and the accompanying picture is ethereal.

  4. Anjali says:

    Beautiful words, beautiful imagery and beautiful picture

  5. Beautifully you have weaved the words, Pragun.The pic and the words had a serene and calm effect.

  6. Wordsmith that you are ! Loved the emotions that flew along with the lines and the picture was just perfect !!

  7. Deepika Sharma says:

    I am such a fan of your poetry. You weave a beautiful magic everytime you write. Hindi and English. Hope I can hear this poem too … Soon

  8. Payel says:

    Seemed like I was flying somewhere amongst starts, planets twinkling everywhere and I loved that short lost in dream journey..

  9. Wow, what a beautiful blend of love and the Universe. I absolutely loved reading this poem that you have woven with beautiful details and emotions. Brilliant!

  10. What a beautiful flow of emotions accompanying your mesmerizing words!! Just loved the vibes created by the essence of love conveyed so magnificently. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  11. Daisy says:

    A potpourri of emotions served on a life’s melanged platter!! Isn’t this magical or what!! Loved the intricacies of emotions weaved into verses and how love and longing ness played hide and seek throughout!! 🙌 Bravo❤️

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