The day when Decade time-traveled!


Decade on a travel

वो कौन है जिसने मुड़ के मुझे नहीं देखा

Wo kaun hai jisne mud ke mujhe nahi dekha

अह्ह्ह्ह वो सदी है, वो दशक है, वो २०१० से २०१९ का डिकेड है.

ahhhh wo sadi hai, wo dashak hai wo 2010 se 2019 hai

वो मुड़ के अब कभी नहीं देखेगा

Wo mud ke ab kabhi nahi dekhega

जो पल चला गया वो बस चला गया

Jo pal chala gaya wo chala gaya

आज जब मैं ये पोस्ट लिख रही हूँ

तो १० साल पहले का टाइम आँखों के सामने से यूँ गुज़र जाता है

मानो कल की ही बात हो.

aaj jab mai ye post likh rahi hu

toh 10 saal pehle ka time aankhon ke samne se yu gujra jata hai

mano kal ki hi baat ho.

Here’s to the months that turned into years

with friends for life that turned Family…

The moments that turned into memories…

We know the best relationships start off with friendship. Adee & Ecaa’s friendship has seen this decade together, from being friends to being married, they have lived it fully. From being best friends to being a family of them it’s been a great journey. Keeping the theme of this “Decade Blog hop” I had tried to paint a small scene, with my lovely characters Adee & Ecaa.

(Adee and Ecaa names are born out of word “Decade”).

I hope now you know why my title is “dEcaaAdee”…

Adee(husband) and Ecaa(wife) are now a married couple from being roommates a decade ago are happily living together in there digitally controlled house. It was last evening when Adee was looking at this beautiful frame and reminiscing the decade they spend together. They had a house party with friends and family which went off well.


The year 2020 – 7 am

The next morning after the party, Ecaa got up snoozing her alarm almost 5 times already. Today was Sunday…Sunday hey wow so more time to sleep and without delay she goes back to sleep again. She goes back to that early morning sleep which is the sweetest thing in a day. She could feel she was asleep but not asleep in mind. Her body went to laze around but her mind was asking her many questions. She enters an unknown land…

Scene 1

Ecaa – In sleepy tone – “Adee have you seen my dongle?”

Wifi, Dongle, Usb, Wireless, Adapter, Network, Pc

Adee – “Dongle, what’s a dongle?

Ecaa – “Are you mad in the morning or you still have a hangover? Give me my dongle back.”

Adee – “Oh! do you mean danglers, well you must have slipped them below your pillow honey!”

Ecaa – “Adee don’t drive me crazy, are you nuts, where’s my WIFI dongle? My JioFi…hope you get it now. Need more details? Do you?

Adee – “WIFI, what on Earth are you saying Ecaa.

Yes Yes you are my WIFE, I know and so does the world, it’s not wifi dear it’s pronounced as a wife.

Ecaa – rolls herself in the quilt irritated & frustrated.

Scene 2 – 0830hrs

Ecaa – Good morning honey.

Adee – Good morning. I hope your second shift of sleep is over by now.

Ecaa – “hmmm, ya Sundays only allows this much sleep you know na?”

Adee – “Ya ya I know sweetie, Sunday Funday & I’m at your service too.

Ecaa – hey, by the way, what’s in the morning news? Any new update? arey that reminds me, did you check purvi’s what’s app status last night? What a cute pic of her’s with her new buddy. I’m so happy for them.

Whatsapp, White Male, 3D Model, Isolated, 3D, Model

Adee – Ecaa darling you okay, what status you talking about, what ka status??

Ecaa – “Whats app status…. what else”

Adee – “What’s app aha now who’s that guy?”

Ecaa – Adee again tum shuru ho gaye, again you have started pulling my leg. Is it not enough what you did in the morning, not again please”.

Adee – I will go crazy, you better get up, get fresh so we can have breakfast together. I will go and pick something from the corner cafe by the time you get ready.

Ecaa – Why you wanna go to pick, just swiggy it na.

Adee – “swing it”, how will chola bhatura get a swing, are you in a garden what exactly is on your mind dear.

Chola bhatura on swing, well how will it look, the visuals are weird…

Ecaa– Uff you are too much. Anyways go wherever you want and pick.

Scene 3 – 0900hrs

Ecaa enters the washroom and decides to go for a face mask to pamper herself a bit. While applying her mask all of a sudden, she calls out loudly…

Ecaa – Adee did you check our drone image on Instagram? You know Adee ‘De’ was telling me it was trending like anything you know.

Adee – Did you install? Did what ??? Did you check what? come again Ecaa… What was I suppose to install??

Ecaa – Adee insta story yaar, the pic we clicked on our mountain trek, the Instagram is loving it.

Adeegrams…what grams, whose weight. And who’s a drone, are you talking of honey bee?

Ecaa – Adee I’m talking about Instagram ok, not your weighing grams.

Adee – Insta…when did grams turn instant, I mean instant noodles are what I relish at midnight but I really never checked its weight in grams. I will do so from next time for sure if you insist.

Ecaa – Ahhh…. you are mad or have plans to drive me crazy this Sunday morning.

Scene 4 – 0930hrs

Related image

Food is ready, I have laid it on the table, let’s have it together.

Without delay, Ecca and Adee sit down to have breakfast together.

He had bought chole bhature from a nearby cafe and she had home-delivered pizza cones and cronuts.

They enjoy fusion food together.

Adee – So what’s the plan for today?

Ecaa – Let’s watch a good movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix, you choose or maybe binge-watch the latest season.

Adee – Choose a movie, is Netflix a new movie hall? And what did you just say… binge oh ya would love to binge on nachos in hall.

As a matter of fact, where did you get info from? Netflix wow the name is very nice. Is it far or near our place, let’s go and have a fun time?

Ecaa – Adee now its heights what’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving stupidly since morning? I’m saying Netflix/ Prime and you are calling it a movie hall name.

Adee – Ecaa relax! what happened. Why are you suddenly behaving so odd today? And why are you yelling at me?

Ecaa – Leave it, I’m done with explaining or describing things to you. I will plan an outing with my friends, the last but the least can you please book my ola cab, so I can at least finish up cleaning and leave.

Adee – What to book? Cab??? Ola cab you mean a wet cab

{Ola in marathi means wet}

You can take a taxi from down the lane, whats booking in it. Ola … means ‘wet’ in Marathi you know. So why you need a wet cab to go out with friends.

Ipad, Samsung, Music, Play, Google, Tablet, Internet

Ecaa – Adee please stop irritating me, just hand over my iPad I will manage myself. I left it near the table.

Adee – what did you say pad with an “i”. Are you kidding me?

Ecaa – Adee before I start throwing things at you just leave me alone.

2020 – 10 am

Man, Reading, Touchscreen, Blog, Digital, Tablet

Before the alarm gets out of snooze mode and it rings for one last time. Ecaa gets up and presses dismiss for the alarm and try to recollect where she was. Did she really time travel? Did she actually lived in present and Adee went 10 years back. She turns on her side and checks for Adee. Adee is not in bed, she slips out of bed and walks across her room and there is Adee in the green corner of their house reading today’s epaper on his tablet. Today his post “Decade – what changed our lives” is on the front page of leading daily.

Without delay, Ecaa walks with coffee mugs that their coffee maker had obediently made. All this as instructed to Alexa darling with a soft music played on QuietComfort. To sum up, her FitBit says she had restless night, She wanted to know what happened but she couldn’t. Overall, something was different, something was missing…

tick tock tick tock the clock is still ticking…


I’m sure when Adee will realize he is 10 years ahead of what he dreamt of, he will be in a shock. I suppose this is how he will think what I’m thinking right now.

“Decade – what changed our lives”

Up to the present time, when I look back I get a glimpse of all that happened in this decade gone by. Talking of 2010, I was not blogging. What was blogging??? I had to refer a dictionary for that. A lot of things happened – My photo journey just showcased me a series of glimpses to cherish & remember.

In summary, Jio came into our lives with unlimited data usage. Jagjeet Singh left us and I felt unfortunate to miss his live performance, we all went in NaMo clad, we became space power with Chandrayaan II launch, nirbhaya & disha tore our hearts and I’m glad public, women all stood together and had a voice for themselves, we tried to fight against black money & corruption, Home delivery of food be it from corner street or dhaba became trending, I escaped Kedarnath by few hours and can’t thank god enough for it, the defense showed its strength with surgical strikes, Bollywood completed 100 years of successful entertainment. By all means, If I keep on writing It’s already a long post(alert missed). I’m sure the day will end as the last decade has completely changed especially for those born in the ’80s like me.

We have witnessed the change,
Also, We have lived this change and
And We have accepted this change too.

Last but not the least, for a better tomorrow we became aware of our environment and nature. We decided to go plastic-free and opt for sustainable living. We started to care for our dear Rivers a bit more and became aware and concerned in positive terms. We cared for our air in areas where pollution is increasing and people are coming together to find ways. Sun is shining brighter and we are thinking of utilizing solar energy, wind energy even rainwater harvesting for future to come. I wish the coming decade brings us more close to our nature and natural elements and we learn to live in sync with it.

In essence, I wish the coming decade will be a landmark of positive change and lifestyle for all. At the same time, I wish in the race of time we don’t forget to love nature and care for it too.

Keep smiling, Keep caring, Keep thanking, Keep blogging, Keep shining, Keep reading.

“This post is a part of ‘DECADE Blog Hop’ #DecadeHop organized by #RRxMM Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul. The event is sponsored by Glo and co-sponsored by Beyond The Box, Wedding Clap, The Colaba Store and Sanity Daily in association with authors Piyusha Vir and Richa S Mukherjee”

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133 Responses

  1. Sonam says:

    You have very creatively portrayed the advent of technology and its prevalence in our lives! Truly, it has transformed the entire world around us! ANd I too hope the next decade brings positive changes!

  2. Alpana says:

    waah…PraGun. What a taken the prompt. You just took me into a new world. Never thought that one can write from this angle as well on this topic. wet cab…hahahha… will remember this now…
    I must say, a humor fiction writer is born with this post. loved the post.

  3. Hema says:

    What a start yaar! Lovely till the end… I enjoyed it and found the narration Kamaal ka… refreshing ❤️

  4. Your characters took us to time travel. Indeed how much our life has changed in the last decade. An innovative way to convey that message, Pragun. And I do like that.

  5. Deepika says:

    Loved loved loved it totally. What a wonderful way to show the entire decade. Loved your way if naming the characters. So many changes have taken place and we don’t even realise. Everything digital is now part of life. Amazing work. Much love

  6. An innovative approach. However, thanks to unusual names I got confused midway and had to read all over again!!! I small suggestion – may I request you to either stick to Hindi or English, this Hinglish text, while OK for a cinematic feel somehow it becomes jarring while reading! Cheers! – Pallavi Acharya

    • Thanks for reading, The names were made from the word Decade only.
      sorry if my post made you confused but thanks for taking the time to read and commenting.
      The beginning rhyme intro in Hindi was to achieve Cinematic fiction, glad I achieved it.

  7. Hi Pragun! I am just wondering that how many hours have you spent to research the topics and collect and gather all the information together compiled them into such a brilliant creative piece?? You are beyond everything yaar, sach me, itna zyada creativity! In awe of your imagination, best wishes 🙂

    • Thanks Swarali for such kind and beautiful words.
      Yes, you are right the story did take time,
      I read the word decade I was doodling it on a rough paper while talking to a very dear friend of mine when this idea of fiction germinated and finally was able to frame it for you all.

  8. Hi Pragun. I really enjoyed the little time travel in the beginning. It was very interestingly spun. Yes indeed life has changed a lot in the last ten years. Actually more than in any other decade and you touched almost all aspects. Best wishes!💐💐

  9. Anjali M Naik says: was an absolutely thrilling post.. what a creative mind you have got ..Hats off to you and your efforts.You have mixed humour in such a serious topic can’t forget few of the dialogues in your blog..swiggy,,ipad,,ola cab, instagram..and many more !

    • Thanks Anjali for liking it.
      It was my first attempt at fiction and the idea was complete eureka to me also.
      So did you check your pad with an eye in the wet cab today or not…

  10. Srivalli says:

    This is so good! Love the way you presented the decade through the story. Technology has truly taken over our lives!
    Loved it, especially the names. 🙂

    • Thanks Srivalli for liking it
      Names were born out of our decade hop name only…. so credit goes to word “Decade”
      Yes, technology has changed the way we live today and our generation is the one to witness this change.

  11. Loved the theatrics of this post, so creative and wonderful wordplay too

  12. Totally loved your story. Very, very creative right from the names till the very end. Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!!!

    • Thanks Janaki for loving my story.
      Thanks for showering your love will surely try to weave creative stories but ideas are a eureka moment they come and go.
      But thanks for motivating.

  13. Shivani says:

    A decade summarized in fiction. A touch of humor and a feel of sci-fi made it interesting. I’m still hung up on the ‘wet can’t.
    Looking forward to hearing from you more often in 2020

  14. Piya Gajbe says:

    Hats off to your creativity. This post awestruck me with it’s wholesomeness. Loved every bit of it. Pragun, kudos to you!

  15. what a different take on the prompt. it was indeed fun. a great snapshot of the entire decade.. life without technology looks impossible today.. Adee sounded like an extinct dinosour only. Thank u for making us realise the importance of technology in our lives and how it has overpowered us. The concluding para sums up everyhting.

  16. Ritu says:

    Indeed a unique take. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Our vocabulary is evolving with the brand names now as verbs.

  17. A very innovative post Pragun. The story depicts the drastic changes that the last few years have made in our lives. Nicely done.

    You escaped Kedarnath by few hours….. Do you mean the horrible deluge? Oh! God! how scary!

    Meena from

    • Thanks Meena for loving it. Yes, the last decade has undergone a big technological change and we are now addicted to it too.
      Yes by Kedarnath I meant that scary night of 2013, we escaped from Haridwar and I’m thankful that we reached home safe.
      All thanks to my hubby who drove non stop in continuous heavy rains to bring his family safe back home.

  18. Deepika Mishra says:

    Omg! This is beyond my imagination. What a take Pragun! Heads off to you dear. You are so creative with the prompt. I can never write like this. This is your first try, I am amazed. Characterization and imagination were up to mark. Well Done my dear! Lots of best wishes!

    • Thanks Deepika for liking it.
      Yes, it was my first attempt and the idea was complete eureka.
      even I use to think the same when I use to read great writers that I can’t write anything like them, but maybe its everyone’s style.
      But believe and love your post and it will spread. Need wishes from lovely bloggers like you.

  19. Pri says:

    “ek baar waqt se lamha giraa kahan,
    Wahaan dastaan mili, lamha kahin nahee “

    Your post reminded me of these lines from one of my favourite songs. A great blend of fiction with the positives of the decade gone by. Adee and Ecaa are the perfect recipe to a ‘happy couple’—-while one lives with the times, one is still stuck up somewhere in the past. 😜

  20. anupriya says:

    What a light hearted post. Amidst all the serious, introspective and retrospective posts, this one really put my spirits back in flight. Thanks for doing it in such a style. Even though, I shudder at thought of having to live the way I lived a decade ago, but a glimpse through your words really left me ROFLing

    • Thanks anupriya for liking it. yes, we are now much dependant on technology and there is no denial we can’t go back now. But yes our generation has actually lived the change and that’s the best part of it.
      I’m glad my post higher your spirits. And glad I was able to bring a smile or I must say ROFling

  21. This is so creative. Yet do tuff to imagine life without social media and advance technology. In the whole decade we learnt a lot and achived a lot.

  22. Thanks for the comic relief Pragun. It was a fun read and just see where we are going with technology. How life has changed because of it and where we are headed. Good one.

  23. Novemberschild (Romila) says:

    That was a creative way to make the readers have a time travel
    Appreciate your way how you handled ‘decade’.
    You should try such posts often.

  24. Hello Pragun…It was such an interesting and lovely way of depicting the evolving decade.. .Loved the way you wrote about the various changes in our life..So relevant and apt..Loved it..

  25. Ruchi Nasa says:

    Creativity at its best. Seriously, 10 years back who knew bout swiggy, Instagram, Netflix …!! Just too good.

  26. Archana says:

    Nice to meet Adee and Ecca , what a lovely narration, intelligently weaved story Pragun, I enjoyed throughout reading it with a smile on my face, also recognised a turnaround of our lives during a last decade.Thanks for giving us a one shot glimpse of a change in technology over last 10 years. Well taken prompt.

  27. Very novel way of narrating the past decade, Pragun! Totally loved it and I hope the next decade doesn’t hold us in its technological tentacles…

    • Thanks Jayanthi for appreciating & liking it.
      I actually think sometimes what more technological change is yet to come in our life, which gadget is in making or being researched for??

  28. That was fun(though a bit long) how you showed us how much technology has been introduced in our lives in just a decade. And like you ended it there are a lot of positives and I join you in hoping we get closer to nature this decade

    • Thanks Namratha, yes I agree I forgot to add the long post alert but then while writing I just got swayed away and there was no scope of editing. I didn’t feel like removing any scene. thanks for patiently reading it. Yes, I do hope we stay connected to nature and respect the elements.

  29. wow such an amazing and innovative way to represent the last decade. time travel is always an exciting concept and I love the way you had created this with two amazing characters. i agree technology has overpowered our lives in last decade..of course it has its pros and cons..but personally I missed the simplicity of life, which we had seen in our childhood. great write up as usual.

    • Thanks Surbhi for appreciating the post and time travel with me.
      True said when we compare, our lives were simple and happy without gadgets ruling our lives.
      but times have changed and our generation has actually seen this change and accepted it too.

  30. What a unique and funny way to show us how life changed in the last decade. I also regret missing Jagjit Singh’s last live concert in Dehradun. Technology became an essential part of the last decade and i hope we can become less dependent on it in the next one. Lovely post and one of my post favorites in the blog so far.

    • Thanks Arushi for appreciating and loving it so much.
      You made my day by saying it’s your favorite.
      Yes, technology suddenly ruled our lives in the last decade and we became dependent on it.

  31. A unique style of protraying what changes the past decade has gone through in technology! Liked your story. Hope you have a wonderful decade ahead..

  32. The conversation between the husband and wife is an innovative thought. The snapshot of the decade in the end was very interesting. Hope is what carries us forward into the next decade! – Rohit Verma

    • Thanks Rohit for finding it innovative, the idea was complete eureka and glad it was accepted.
      Yes, we can always hope for a better tomorrow where we will be more close to nature and respect mother earth a bit more.

  33. Pavi Raman says:

    What a clever and humorous way to show the hold that technology has on us! This entire story made me smile. Great job PraGun!!

  34. Jyoti Arora says:

    Wonderfully put, nice read !! Nature needs to cared and life need to be cured !!!

  35. Monika says:

    Wah wah that was a different take on the decade hop . It was fun reading it . Seriously we have witnessed so many changes in the last decade . Hope for the best for the next one .

  36. Shalini says:

    What a fun and innovative way to interpret that prompt! The narration was clever and I agree, I still love the little joys in life.

  37. Disha says:

    This was one dream that most of us would not want to see. Without all this technology, we would be lost!
    As for the environment, I feel we should dedicate this decade to safeguard the Earth for future generations. We have just begun and have a long way to go.

    • Yes, true Disha we have become so much dependant on this technology that now it’s hard to believe or live without it.
      Yes indeed we should safeguard the Earth and why only this decade it should be a continuous process which will go for years to come.

  38. Loved Adee and Ecaa. I really liked the dialogues written by you.

  39. Suha Vijay says:

    Wonderful way to capture the decade’s happenings in the form of the short story. I really liked the names of your characters Pragun

  40. This cracked me up Pragun, I really enjoyed the time travel in the beginning of the post. From the character’s unique names, derived from decade to the different aspects that have changed during these 10 years, I loved reading all. A quite interesting take on the prompt

  41. A very unique and interesting take on the prompt. The technology revolution has been the biggest change we have seen in this decade and you have creatively put it across!

  42. swathi says:

    what a take on promt . take my bow . loved reading

  43. Dreams and fiction are a deadly combination. You can travel time and mix for two decades. All depends on your imagination.
    Your write is quite interesting and hooked me till the end.
    Wish you loads of luck.

  44. This is amazing! wonderfully written!

  45. Wow wow wow, just loved reading your post. What an interesting way to show the change during the last decade. Enjoyed the time travel story and the dialogues and the beautiful characters you created. This made me realize how much has changed during the last 10 years and how would we survive in today’s time if all this is taken away from us. We need to respect the technology as well as nature and try to maintain a balance between the two.

    • Thanks Neha for loving and appreciating my story.
      Glad you time traveled with my characters of the decade.
      True said we have undergone a major technological change but we need to care for nature too at the same time.

  46. A very unique portrayal of the decade. It was a fun story as well. Haha. I enjoyed it a lot.
    Amazing writing.
    — rightpurchasing

  47. Now I am envious of this post. Why couldn’t I come up with such a fresh take. Loved reading the personification as well as the fictional angle. Very well written, with bits of humour and sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

  48. It was total fun to read this post at the same time could see through the lifestyle changes. I actually imagined how the next 10 years would be and how the situation would change further. Let’s keep guessing and wishing for a fantastic next decade.

    • Thanks Manisha for liking it.
      Yes, even I wonder now what’s in store in years to come.
      I hope it’s for betterment for nature and future generations to come is all we can pray for.

  49. Meera says:

    And this is a fantastic way of putting across your thoughts…
    I just love these Eeca and Adea

    The narrative style, connecting the same with humour and then closing the loop with the decade story,

    Great job done and we’ll thought out..

  50. OMG!! what creativity. Beautiful wordplay. I mean first I thought it would be fiction but then as the story unfolded I was floored by your out of box thinking. I would say it’s a very witty post. I mean summing up the events and all trending things of the decade in the most unique way . Hats off to your creativity. Completely bowled over.

  51. Damyanti says:

    This is a sucha creative take on the prompt–change has come to us, and how. Lovely writing, Pragun.

  52. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    A thoroughly creative use of the given prompt. You have admirably combined the big events of the past decade within your fictional narrative, and I like how you added a personal touch to it, at the end.

  53. Varsh says:

    A decade ago words like drones, Swiggy and Instagram would’ve sounded like alien concepts but they’re now such a big part of our lives. Loved this fiction piece you spun around it. A lot has indeed changed.

  54. That’s truly an amazing approach for the decade. Loved the way you have expressed about the decade.

  55. When I began reading… I was enjoying the couple’s story and then you managed to write another part to it! That’s a unique post and a great idea of Ecca and Adee. Thoroughly enjoyed drones, gram and swing.

  56. This could very well be my husband and me talking! Really! What an interesting take on the decade gone by, Pragun. You say it’s fictional, i say I am living it:)
    The Ola meaning cracked me up!:)))

  57. Ur post was like a burst of sunshine!! Bright and lively. Made me feel so good about this time of ten years that I have lived. Yes, there were a few shadows here and there in the past decade but there was so much more to cherish, to enjoy, to relive. We have come so far from what we were and that is incredible.
    I loved your statement regarding the people of 80s. Being of the same timeline, I do agree with you… I think we people have lived the most. It is such a beautiful feeling to be alive.
    I can just imagine the amount of hard work you have put behind creating this piece of fiction. Kudos to you for such a fresh though and such a positive post. Loved it totally!

    • Thanks Preeti, comment from you means a lot.
      Yes, I feel we have lived and seen the major chunk of change in our lives technologically.
      Thanks for appreciating the hard work or say my mental work behind this fiction.
      Such appreciation and love are what’s my reward at the end – well earned.

  58. Lavanya says:

    Ah, what a creative take on the prompt. Sometimes we dont really take note of the tech changes when they happen. But seriously what a decade!

  59. Maya Bhat says:

    Wao !! So much of creativity here. On a serious note, this is the reality of every household today. Especially, city life is absolutely a digitally controlled one.

  60. Such a unique way of writing on this prompt. Simply loved it. The character names are interesting…

  61. Such a unique way of weaving the story around decade transformed people. And how true is that during the initial days most of today’s common things were rare or non-existent. Time flies really fast and this decade has gone changing our lives completely upside down.

  62. What a fun way to depict the decade. I especially loved the dialogue form. Made a fun and interesting read.

  63. Rashi Roy says:

    That was awesome! Right from the names of the characters, to the conversation and how you made us time travel was wonderful. You have made us realize the reality in your own creative way. Glad to have you in this blog hop 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Rashi for liking my post.
      Characters were really decade babies, and they themselves bought my creative thoughts flowing in this fiction.
      It was my pleasure to be in your blog hop where I got to meet many decade stories.

  64. I like little funs in my life, and enjoy every moments.

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