Mom as a baker and bodyguard- she knows when to switch between these two

The journey of motherhood is full of various hats moms wear from time to time.
Mothers have played numerous roles while bringing up their kids. And when I’m discussing these roles today is day B of my series Mom’s be everything. We baked for them, we planned birthdays for them, we even became bodyguards and protectors too. So let’s check out the roles with Letter B that mom play in the journey called motherhood. Moms a baker and a bodyguard too, she is a bargain hunter and booboo fixer too. Haha I know some terms may sound funny but these are some hats we wear being moms.

Moms a baker and a bodyguard too

I’m sure many or most will connect to this role which we have tried. If I look behind I always dreaded from baking and never had the courage to attempt it but as soon as my kiddo grew and in the process of growing up the motherly instincts in me asked me to give it a try. I failed many times still I kept on trying and finally the baker momma was able to wear the bakers hat the very day my kiddo exclaimed yay momma nothing can beat you fresh warm cake. Bingo award achieved and mission accomplished.


Every mom guards her kid and child as soon as a child is conceived. The journey begins from that good news only. She always protects and guards her child as a great bodyguard.

Bed-wetting Patrol Squad

Hahaha I know it sounds funny but if you are a mother you sure have been part of this squad. We have either tried to let sheets stay dry by being very very careful or trying to imbibe a habit in them of visiting washrooms with us on regular intervals. I’m not a in favor of diapers very much until and unless its really really necessary or travel may be. Firstly the diaper is not good for environment and secondly I prefer cotton nappies and had used them for both my kids. Yes it gave me sleepless nights too but imagine covering your small tiny baby in air tight thing, it didn’t appeal to me at all. Also my gynae was of same belief and always said to let kids wear cotton nappies and instead try to have habit and routine of making them visit washroom at regular intervals, Yes being a mommy is not easy and this role is very very hectic in all others.

Birthday Events Director

No wonder moms have been setting the stage for birthdays since their child’s birth. Planning, shopping, cooking, organizing. We are birthday champs, isn’t it? From planning a birthday party, invitation cards, menu, dress, cake, menu, return gifts, decor there are a lot of things moms have to do when it comes to birthday parties. Moms are the best Birthday party organizer—the party planner, the present buyer, the creative genius, the wrapper, and the decorator.

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Boo-Boo Fixer

Hey, stop laughing at this… I know it might sound funny but this means being a Band-Aid. Fixing what has gone wrong. Which we as moms have been doing since kids are born. Be it picking spilled things, or scattered toys, mending the broken things, or organising the torn files.

What I read is that boo-boo as slang means a stupid or silly mistake; blunder.

Bargain hunter

aka finder of the deals, saver of the money, college fund benefactor. Don’t laugh it loud, yes we have to save bargains by hunting them to be used on exact time and place. So even if Moms a baker and a bodyguard too, she is your boo-boo fixer and birthday planner too. She has loads of feathers ye to her hat which she wears with pride and grace being a mother.

This is the letter “B” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives and we can say Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. Do read about how moms wear the Artists Hat in shaping our lives.

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49 Responses

  1. Raunica says:

    Such an honest post. Lovely to have read your post

  2. I am amazed to see your impressive vocabulary and collection of amazing mom roles begin with “B”. indeed boo boo fixer and bargain hunter sounds so funny. these words has made me laugh and smile in this hectic day of writing and reading continuously. looking forward what is coming next as “C”.

    • Vocabulary for moms has to be impressive, isn’t it.
      We play so many roles and they are not even identified, so just trying to bring smiles while realizing and thanking all the moms globally and appreciate their efforts in the journey of motherhood.

  3. Deepika says:

    Bed wetting patrol squad had me in splits… So many roles all with B never really thought of these when i was doing them. Beautifully illustrated
    Deepika Sharma

    • Thank you Deepika
      Yes, the main thing is we do so many roles and we are ourselves not even aware of it.
      SO just trying to appreciate the motherhood journey with this.

  4. Simply put, this is one of the smartest series I’ve come across so far… Hilarious and yet insightful.

  5. Haha, Superb Pragun! Ultimate words for super moms with the letter B. Yeah, we moms get to wear so many hats from time to time. I recently joined the Baker squad 😃, which I never thought I would ever do baking. But true, ‘Kids jo an kara de’😃

    • Thank you, Archana for loving the roles.
      You are right, we sometimes play roles we had thought are impossible for us.
      Glad to know you joined the baker squad. Enjoy baking.
      Even I did my first ever baking experiment for my kiddo only.
      They make us do everything and make us smart mommies.

  6. I love your titles as much as I love your super content, Pragun. I am enjoying reading your tongue-in-cheek manner of highlighting all that goes unnoticed.

    • Thank you, Mayuri for loving the roles.
      Just trying to realize how moms globally have played numerous roles without any appreciation.
      haha, tongue in cheek… keep visiting for more such fun roles our moms had played and we also had never noticed.

  7. Neha says:

    haha.. I am sure every mom will relate to this. I definitely can. Mom’s are seen as some sorcerers who can get anything done.

  8. Wah wah….amazing acronyms with B. Boo Boo I thought stood for boobs and feeding :). Moms are all in one anyway. Even I am just an ok baker. Moms are superwomen.

    • Thank you Harjeet for liking the roles.
      Moms are “All-In-One” and superwoman for sure… well said.
      You are not just okay you are one pro baker and cook dear.

  9. The terms bedwetting patrol squad, bargain hunter etc left me in splits, well done👏

  10. Lovely Pragun, simply amazing that you unearth such beautiful words for the unsung roles all moms play. I turned a baker during pandemic, your post makes me feel proud of little things we do everyday and learn along the way with our progeny. Super amazing topic and posts!

    • Thank you Anjalie for loving the roles. Mission accomplished if you feel proud of yourself reading the roles.
      You are one WoW MoM and wishing you all the strength and happiness always.
      I agree during pandemic we might have realized more power to us playing more roles with kids at home.

  11. Thanks for giving names to all what we did as a mother. while all these task are not funny but surely reading your post with such innovative names makes it a fun read.

    • Thank you, Swati for liking the roles we play being a WoW MoM.
      Yes, the tasks are not funny but a small way to realize that mothers play multiple roles in the journey of motherhood.

  12. Hands down one of the best posts of the day !

    I loved the coinage of the words. Boo boo fixer and bed wetting patrol cracked me up. But that’s the fun part only. The essence of mother hood and the vast responsibilities accompanying it are never easy. I also adored the fact how you have taken care of environmental issues while making small choices starting from a nappy ! Kudos to you.

    • Thanks a lot, Chinmayee for showering so much love on the post.
      Yes, motherhood journey is not at all easy and moms never even realize the multiple roles they play in children’s lives.
      Oh and when it comes to environment, yes I try my best whatever I can.

  13. Tina Basu says:

    Yes, I had to wear these caps too when the son was younger and still looking for bargains!! This is an interesting series.

  14. Haha. Your title got me here. Fun way of looking at things. And compiled very well. Although in real life it isn’t so funny☹️☹️

    • Thanks for visiting Sonia. Yes, they may sound funny even if they are not in real life, it’s just to appreciate the roles moms play without even realising it.

  15. Ruchi says:

    Best was bed wetting patrol squad and bargain hunter..keep them coming dear girl ..I’m beginning to appreciate myself more esp a working mom is always full of doubts whether she’s done enough

  16. Ruchi nasa says:

    Best was bed wetting patrol squad and bargain hunter..keep them coming dear girl ..I’m beginning to appreciate myself more esp a working mom is always full of doubts whether she’s done enough

  17. Jyoti says:

    Wow I never thought we moms do so many roles Boo boo fixer had me in splits. I thought it otherwise. Beautifully illustrated

  18. Poonam says:

    High 5 for this post! I have never tried baking but all the other roles I have been playing for the past 1 year. Boo Boo fixer is so true.

  19. Saba says:

    You actually make this side of parenting so interesting

  20. Ira Mishra says:

    Haha I can’t help laughing… But so so marvelously relatable to us all moms. Yeah even I have put on that baker hat very recently in addition to the other hats already there.. I dread the college bargain hunter hat though 🙈

  21. Absolutely loving this post.. these role names are too cute btw. Boo boo fixer is my number one

  22. Indeed being a mommy is no less than an adventure. Reading about all the roles and visualizing myself being a baker, bodyguard, boo-boo fixer, birthday event director, and bargain hunter was an enjoyable experience. You made me go down memory lane and revisit the moments of being the bedwetting patrol squad too.

  23. Daisy says:

    Such a joyful breezy read! My favorite is boo boo fixer and bed wetting patrol squad🙌🙏🏻Hats off to you for these novel ideas❤️

  24. Arulmozhi N says:

    I want to be that baker mom too someday . It’s a dream

  25. Sreeparna says:

    I dread baking. Never had the urge to learn it. My little one is just 8 months. And I know to feed him I will try it for sure.

  26. Hahah.. The bargain hunter and the bedwetting is so true. We are always on a check

  27. Alpana Deo says:

    Boo fixer and Bed-wetting Patrol Squad…so cute. I am living those moments these days. 🙂 Now when I am reading this series, I am realizing how many roles we play throughout the day.

  28. Alpana Deo says:

    Boo fixer and Bed-wetting Patrol Squad…so cute. I am living those moments these days. 🙂 Now when I am reading this series, I am realizing how many roles we play throughout the day.

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