The essence of being a women

Here I am realizing the essence of women once again…

A girl at birth never realizes her importance, even after marriage we get to see another self of being a woman, and then comes the phase in life which changes girls, a lady’s,  a woman’s perspective towards life when she bears her own child, her own flesh and blood.

Yes, only a woman can understand the essence of being a mother, carrying an embryo,

turning it into a child and then an adult human being.
How beautiful it is to make or produce another human being, isn’t it????
The little pain that’s involved but filled with endless happiness and joy.
The twists and turns…
The curls and whirls…
The kicks and picks…
The feeling of growth…
The sensation of our own part…..
The flesh and muscles from me…..
The food that I eat
The thought that I think…..
It’s just not expressible…..
So be very proud to be a woman as you are the only one who can produce another human, another life, another living being……

You have that power given especially to women by this nature and no one else.

This line holds true that You don’t understand what a parent is till you become one.
I was never convinced till my teen years on how some mothers or parents treated their kids, I use to be a critic all this while, till I myself had to flow in the water and get drenched in becoming a parent myself.
Not to boast but I’m now known as super mom, but I often question myself, do I really deserve to be one.
I always tagged my mom to this title and me in her shoes…Nah!
But yes you become one when you are served the platter.

The Rainbow is formed when the sun and rain come together similarly when you see the ups and downs of being a mother you realize its beauty.

I have named my candies after the sun and rain. They are the rainbow of my life and have taught me a lot in the journey called life. My blog is a gift from my kids as they were the reason I started writing. I write this blog about growing up with kids, my experiences, my being mom’s journey.
From a daughter to girl…then a woman and now mother. Changing roles have taught me a lot. But the most I learned was in the role of a mother. My kids whom I call M&M candies have really changed me as a person. Have transformed me, Have changed a lot, have learned a lot, have matured a lot, and became a child once again because of them only. Starting to pen down my journey with my kids. Growing up with M&M. My being a blogger too is connected to my kids and motherhood.
I write my motherly posts being a WoWMoM which I connect to the Water element. I have learned a lot from my kids in this journey called motherhood, about parenting, about positivity even patience.

On this mother’s day, I bow down to Mother Earth as well as all the Mother on this Earth who have sacrificed, went through pain, and have been standing as support to their kids always.


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