Mom’s are the best counselor & comforter

Children come to their mothers for everything, looking for answers, or solutions, when they fail a test, and even when they have a heartbreak. Mothers are the best comforters and advisers too. They have the skill to heal skinned knees with their touch and kiss and even magic to mend broken hearts. They help to heal broken spirits and even teach their children how to shape a joyous future. Moms are best counselors and comforter for her children.
So let’s check the roles moms play from the letter “C” in this AtoZ journey of Moms be everything. Letter C had some real fun roles and it was a crazy journey knowing them all.


Mothers are the go-to person for every child. We are conditioned to look at her for all the solutions. She’s there every time we need her. Be it a broken pencil, test failure, sibling conflict, a bruised leg, or even a broken heart, she is the most comforting person to counsel us in the right direction. I agree many will say fathers do play their role too, yes they do, but moms are always there whom we look forward to as our first solution giver. They say, Mothers, in other words, are capable of healing the broken spirits and raising a happy child. Have seen moms become Separation Anxiety Counselor too. Moms are the best counselors for her child and this role is given to them as soon as children seek to find answers and solutions in life.

C – Chef/ cook/

A mother cooks 2-3 meals a day. Sometimes, their children will love the meals you prepare. Sometimes, they will hate them. Most of the time, they simply wolf down the food you prepare and run to their next activity. Occasionally you will receive the cherished “thank you.” But it’s not always that moms be awarded or appreciated for this job she does out of interest or even as responsibility.

It takes just a simple smile or a word to thank a mother’s effort. She becomes not just any regular chef, she even turns out to be a gourmet cook, dual chef-sous chef combo, waitress, snack maker, walking Pinterest meal board, pizzeria chef.


No offense with moms who don’t drive, I know u ride them in autos, buses, rickshaws, or even walk them too. Mothers take their children to school, the doctor, and the dentist. They take their children to sporting activities, dance, gymnastics, and music lessons. They drive their children to play dates and to the store. And, they turn each drive into an opportunity to talk, grow closer, and learn.

I drive with my kids and we actually get to explore a lot together. Sometimes they share things when on a fun ride, sometimes I get to know a new angle to their personality. It’s fun to listen to some of their favorite songs on the drive and sometimes an opportunity to let them know which songs you as a mom like to sing or even listen to. I simply love driving with my kids as we had some fun memories driving around the city, picking things, exploring roads, and a lot more.
In return, in the end, they don’t expect to receive any tips. She is not just a Chauffeur but also becomes a seat buckler, car seat installer, car DJ.

CEO of the Household

Do I need to say anything on this role, as we moms know better how to manage a house? Becoming a mom itself makes us more responsible and more aware.


Yes moms become the Head Cheerleader of kiddo’s team
Moms have always been around cheering their kids beginning the journey from early school levels to career ladders.

Champion Tickler

Hahaha I know you will laugh out loud but haven’t we been there. We have been a tickler to our kids always. Kids also return the tickling with happy smiles and laughs. It’s a funny way to bond but yes especially when the kiddo is angry or sad, tickling helps to pep up his/ her mood.

Cleaning service

Yes yes, we are clothes organizer, toy collector and putter away, crumb picker, vacuumed, constant face wiper, dishwasher. Moms are constantly cleaning all around the house, be it scattered toys, pieces of blocks, and legos, the food prices are strewn here and there, even kids’ faces. We are on this job the whole day.

Classroom parent

Mothers are the class volunteer, the bringer of snacks, the organizer of the events. We tell and support our kids and in all classroom activities, be it making friends, making charts, or even assignment submissions.

Chief Financial Officer

Of course, moms are our first glimpse of how a house is managed and how she plans all things financial. Bought up by a single mom I learned financial management at an early age. We pay the bills, we buy them what they need, we allow a certain amount of money for fun stuff and treats. We are the first financial advisors and planner skids mee in life.

The comforter

As I said earlier Moms are best counselors as well as a comforter for their kids. In the journey of motherhood, we use her being a comforter as a synonym too. Moms are our Chief Cuddler, professional hugger, best kisser, human pillow.

She is just a call away

Even if you are not staying with your mom or are married, she is just a phone call away. She is the first person we call to, as soon as something bad or good happens. Do remember, She is sure to pick up your call – whenever, wherever.

This is the letter “C” in the journey of motherhood where we explore Mom’s roles in their children’s lives. I realize now that moms are our inspiration, caregivers, cheerleaders, and our confidants. We sure can say Mom’s are everything for her kids, you name it we have it. Do read my earlier letters to enjoy the AtoZ of motherhood roles. This post is written as a part of the A2Z challenge, organized by Blogchatter. Check out how moms switch between her role of baker and bodyguard to her kids.

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34 Responses

  1. Champion tickler :).. There should be a course in that one!

  2. Champion tickler??? Oh no…I hate being tickled and they take full advantage of it. I resort o tears, actually and only then they stop, I know I am weird 🙂

  3. Deepika says:

    Cleaning service is what i hate the most I’m going to resign from this position one day. 😀
    So well written pragun you define all the roles so well some of which we have forgotten like champion tickler

    • Haha, Ya I’m sure many roles we do just coz the tag mom is given to us, gives us a choice we might leave them.
      Kids make us do so many things which we might have never thought in life that we will do ever.

  4. Comforter is the word. Mother is the perfect person to be termed as a comforter. And what about ‘Champion tickler’;) Haha

  5. Anjalie Sharma says:

    We often forget the cheerleader part amidst To Dos. lovely post 🙂

  6. radhika says:

    So true and interesting one. We should share this with all the mothers and making them feel special.

  7. Aesha Shah says:

    Fantastic post! Champion Tickler , cheerleader and comforter spoke to me!

  8. Wow again a great collection of mom roles begin with “C”. champion tickler sounds so good and yes, I agree that moms are center of family who bring lots of joy and happiness in their family’s life.

  9. All the roles we play makes us a complete Package. Champion tickler..oh yes..I love doing it in spite of knowing it very well I cannot handle it myself.

  10. Poonam says:

    True about checking the Pinterest board. I have browsed through so many just to make something different. And the champion tickler! I love hearing those giggles.

  11. Champion Ticker and Chief Financial officer, all women must hear this! I feel completely pampered and at peace reading your posts.

  12. Champion tickler is my best pick in this. I love being tickled and enjoy tickling kids

  13. Arulmozhi N says:

    Chauffeur that one cracked me up and is definitely true.

  14. Of course, she deserves to be called as CEO of the house. The only difference is that she hesitates to delegate responsibilities. She cheerfully fills all the other positions herself. After all, she enjoys being in all these roles. Another lovely post from you.

  15. Suhasini I.P. says:

    So true, well said Pragun. I really liked the champion tickler…we moms will surely win in that

  16. It’s a pleasure reading you Pragun, this is a v specila theme and as a mom it touches my heart, your choice is bang on, I am all of these.

  17. Payel says:

    Agree on each point…for me my mother is nothing less than the wonder woman.. being a daughter for me there’s nothing like the mother-daughter bond. I think Mothers foresee everything and know well in advance as to how to tackle a situation!!

  18. Jyoti says:

    So thoughtful .I loved the tittles champion tickler and comforter.

  19. 3 Cheers for all moms out there; Wow, Pragun, how beautifully you have summed up all the doings of a super mom. Even though her deed is taken for granted or ignored most of the time, she still stands to fulfill everyone’s wish. The only thing I want to say that,
    ” Maa Ke liye jab jab likhne baithi, shabdon ka khazana khali mila mujhe”

  20. Daisy says:

    Your post made me happy! Mom as chauffeur, stress manager, champion tickler… and the list goes on! Moms are miracles ❤️I too believe in that❤️

  21. Sreeparna says:

    CEO and CFO of the house. I will wear these badges with pride. What a beautiful article. Moms are magic

  22. You discribed it in one word. CEO! yes. there is not much to say about this. and cheerleader is true too

  23. Apana Deo says:

    What can I say about it. I am missing my mom a lot these days and I know I still have to wait for some more time to see her in-person. They say babies are miracle of life, I say Moms are miracle of God. 🙂

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