Ep 23 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Feat. Kinshuk Mishra

“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.”

Jennifer Nini

By all means, Inspiration from nature is booming across lifestyle areas. People are demanding nature-inspired organic products. Changing the perception of consumers globally towards animal-free products is fueling the demand for Natural and Eco-Friendly products. Indian market and consumers are no different when it comes to eco-friendly products. demand for Organic, plastic-free, planet-friendly products is on the rise

So you wanna shop sustainably? Right! What do you wanna include in it?  And when I say Sustainable shopping recognizes that everything we buy has health, environmental and social impact. Put simply, sustainable shopping is your chance to support what is important to you and avoid products and services that do not align with your beliefs. Now when I say I believe in being sustainable I want that the product I use is either recycled or has waste as its raw material and something that is not adding to my carbon footprint.    And when I buy products from the market I want them to be like using renewable energy or buying energy-efficient products to reduce your energy use and save natural resources. Consumers lately are demanding Sustainable Products And Shopping Formats But how and where to find such products?  So lately while searching for my sustainability priorities I came across an honest site that is awenest. And the honest here is spelled as awenest and I’m already in awe with this name.   


Awenest is a place for people like us – who wish to live in harmony with the planet. Minimizing waste, eating and living sustainably, and altering daily lifestyle choices are what climate activists advocate in order to reduce one’s carbon footprint and further depletion of natural resources. There is an increased interest in sustainability, and it’s slowly gaining prominence in all aspects of our lives. Today sustainability is a much more holistic concept, encompassing not only fashion but also accessories, home décor, architecture, and manufacturing. It was during the pandemic that natural products and eco-friendly lifestyles began to make all the more sense, and that has increased ever since. awenest is a Planet Friendly Knowledge Platform & Plastic-free Online Store. Where you can Shop from 100+ handpicked Sustainable Brands. Wide range of Natural and Eco-Friendly products. You can check all about awenest on their site – www.awenest.in 

All the little choices you make add up. And if we all do a little bit, it will collectively make a big impact.

-Jessica Alba, Actress

Awenest values

Meanwhile, while roaming on awenest site, I noticed that the site showcases some really beautiful values they follow. awenest team is very particular about product selection and decided to choose values over a larger assortment. They help us to choose an organic, plastic-friendly, and planet-friendly solution.

Not to mention, the products listed on awenest are 100% Indian Origin, Locally sourced items. They benefit the local economy, and have lower emissions in general as the distance traveled by the ingredient is lesser. A nice thing is that this is different from ‘Made in India’. If an ingredient is imported but assembled in India, that is ‘Made in India’ but not ‘100% Indian Origin’.  

awenest platform has products that are Plastic-Free. They ensure that No plastic is used in the product packaging. 

In some categories, when they are not able to find a plastic-free item, they chose the next best thing – items with minimal plastic in them. 

Natural & Eco-Friendly products

To summarize, awenest is an impact-oriented brand where that help, builds, and supports the community and takes pride in its efforts to inculcate inclusivity, and also wants to extend it to the planet as well. As I said it’s a plastic-free marketplace for sustainable living, awenest believes in harmony with the planet. I read something very beautiful on their site, that says – harmony comes from a series of small steps – and each step deserves to be celebrated. awenest seeks to enable just that – explore new ideas and products to live more sustainably, build communities around the values that we hold dear, and inspire ourselves to do better every day.  

In this episode, Join #PanchTatwaGirl and Kinshuk Mishra co-founder of Awenest. in, the one-stop green shop only on #GreenTalks. You can check their – awenest.in for more info and all the listed products under their honest umbrella. Listen to the journey of how – awenest, an impact-oriented brand is born & now helping us choose organic, plastic-free products, alter daily choices, minimize waste, & live sustainably. Kinshuk also runs a sustainability podcast – green shoots

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Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of your normal life. 

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