I am obsessed with panch tatva’s and this combo of Sun-Sea-Sand Sky is my favorite.
This click sums up all my favorite things and one of my best clicks too.
I’m a Sun-Sea-Sky watcher always.
They are the natures palettes with so much variety in them.
Long back there was a soap on television “one mouthful of sky” featuring Milind soman a well-known model, actor & fitness promoter.
Its title song was my all time favorite and somewhere after understanding it’s meaning it has been the reason for me to write, create, develop, blog and exist.
It goes like – Earth, Wind, Rain, and Fire
Wealth, Power, Blood and Desire
One life to live, Before we die.
One Taste of Glory
One Story
One Mouthful of Sky
So true we all are searching and looking for that one piece of ourselves, our sky in this universe.
Adore the sun, imagine what will happen if it’s not there, maybe that’s why people worship sun god.
Adore the sky and thank God for that big shelter on your head.
So what better way to connect with nature, Yes it’s this.
Be with it, Feel it, Breathe it.
Be with the Sun, the skies, The Seas.

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