Ep 16 – Green Talks with Panchtatwa Girl Feat. Asha Janardhan from Good Earth Ambassadors

Ever wondered where our garbage goes once you throw it in the bin truck? Ever wondered what happens and where it piles up when the truck unloads? Garbage in our country is a very serious issue. With increasing, urbanization management of waste becomes a major issue that needs to be addressed as a priority. Each one of us must be responsible for our own garbage. At home, we must manage our own waste. We must separate biodegradable garbage from non-biodegradable garbage. 

Waste management – our responsibility

“My waste is my responsibility”, But how many of us take that responsibility seriously? We can play our role by adopting simple habits. Daily activities like separating dry and wet waste, putting wet waste like vegetable peels, and leftover foods in an organic dustbin, Composting the wet waste if possible, or else giving it away to compost agencies. Segregation of waste can reduce the garbage burden on the already overflowing landfills, thereby curbing pollution levels.

The scale of the problem cannot be underestimated, and no corner of the earth is left unaffected. From your local dump to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, from the urban jungle to the most remote wilderness, cities and ecosystems alike are straining under the sheer weight of the waste we create, and the challenges we face today are likely to be compounded tomorrow as populations grow 

Good Earth Ambassadors

In this episode of Green Talks, we have Asha Janardhan, who is an Entrepreneur who owns a travel business that specializes in holiday packages and the founder of the social enterprise Good Earth Ambassadors which focuses on eco-friendly living. Good Earth is actively involved with various schools on environmental training creating awareness of single-use plastic pollution and promoting sustainable options for the same. They conduct workshops for individuals and corporates on zero-waste living. So far she has successfully trained over 5000 students. Involved with various NGOs working towards women’s empowerment. Asha is the Past President of the Rotary Club Of Bombay Chembur West and Assistant Governor for years 20-21 Rotary District 3141.

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