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I often see this tree on my daily evening walks. The Tree is very lively, green, and fully grown, a cow is constantly grazing nearby along with wild butterflies too. Some white wildflowers or maybe not-so wildflowers are carpeting it in a beautiful way that adds to its beauty. So the Tree Lover in me wanted to add it to my Treectionary, so google lens offered me some views. I’m still not sure about its name as I have been flooded with many suggestions.

The list goes as –

  • chrysophyllum cainito leaves
  • quercus oleoides tree
  • Glossy Privet tree
  • carrotwood tree
  • ficus drupacea.
  • Pseudospondias.
  • cordia dichotoma tree
  • Or may be Magnolia Tree

My tree matched more with chrysophyllum cainito, So I will stick to this for now. It even looks like some variety of Eucalyptus too.

Ficus drupacea, also known as the brown-woolly fig or Mysore fig. It’s a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia and Northeast Australia.

This tree click is one of my favorites as my kiddo says it gives the feel of countryside or cottage type of feel. A cow, A house in the background, grass with wildflowers, and a small stream nearby. I think I should just pick a tent and a good book and soak myself in the view and tree too.





Tree Love

I’m sharing my #TreeLove with – the #ThursdayTreeLove blog hop, a photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur. Coupled with this, This is my Love Your planet “Earth” post and a post to make us aware of the trees around us.
Save trees, nurture, conserve and preserve the trees around us, and on our planet. Do you love Trees?
Do you love knowing more about trees?  Explore the trees in your neighborhood and join Tree Love.

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