Book Review – My Friends from Indian Mythology


What’s in the book?

To begin with, I loved the title very much, It will surely attract kids to know more as sometimes mythological characters are taken seriously and then avoided but this book showcases them in an easy way and thus one can easily peep into history and let kids enjoy their tales. The golu on the cover surely denotes whaty book contains, this connect is really appreciated.

It’s a great book to help your kids to peep into history. Indian mythology is a rich cultural heritage and with this book, Suhasini has touched a great chord. Summer vacations are the best time to let your kids meet these mythological friends. So this vacation makes your children meet these wonderful friends and tell them about our rich traditions.

Her blog is also about – Looking the world through a kid’s eyes. I love this unique concept of her’s as this way one can read a child’s mind and who other than a mother can do it. Being a Mother is a journey in itself and through this book your have projected a great story telling style for kids. Indian charachters are a must for all children to know.

Why this Book?

The book has some really powerful stories of real heroes of our times. So don’t miss the magical tales and grab your copy now. As you can meet many magical characters in this book like Abhimanyu, Indra, Markandeya, Shabari, Tulasi, Jatayu, Prahalad, Hayagriva to name a few. I feel to every kid this book is a must read! Her book is a very good effort, to bring mythology to children and young readers. I loved the way she has presented all the characters with their Introduction, My learning, and My personal take. My favorites are Xankar Nadham, Tulasi – the Living Goddess, Omkar – the Sacred Sound, but will recommend readers to read all the charachters as they are all worth reading and knowing. Indian mythological characters and tales are worth reading and from the point of view of a child it an different and learning experience.

How’s the Book?

Book Title: My Friends from Indian Mythology

Genre: Mythology, Non-Fiction

Author: Suhasini

Number of Pages: 73

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library.

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program. I am loving this journey of eBook reading with #BlogchatterEbook, who has given authors a great platform to showcase their books.

Who’s the Author?

Sharv musings is a Mother and Son duo. Suhasini (the mother) has teamed up with her son (Shravanth) to capture the amazing journey of Shravanth through his childhood. Suhasini is an IITian and highly educated woman, you can make out very good content on her blogs which have great knowledgeable shares from a child’s perspective.

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