Book Review – Desert Plant

Abhijit Ray

What’s in the Book?

Abhijit has described the title very well, Desert Plant is an extremely sturdy plant, which stays green even by staying in the scant environment, and the negative part is anyone trying to chew a desert plant gets a bloody mouth. So the microfiction story characters are also like the plant, who have grown and moved ahead in life even after facing harsh conditions in life.

From title coming to cover which is very catchy and stores a lot in the pic. It’s an amazing choice and nicely done. The collection of micro-stories in the book Desert Plant describes trials and tribulations in the lives of Shamsher, Shalini, and Khurana. Microfictions are the flavor of the faced paced life and time.

Why This Book?

The Eagle’s eye and the man who watched the trains and growing old together were my favorite ones. Desert plant is a metaphor for a survivor.

I met these characters in this book who seemed to be next door ambitious and hard working humans. Let me introduce me them to you – Shamsher Singh was born and raised in Ranipura, he gets his opportunity for life when he comes to know that CID is looking for young trainees. His Boss Mr. O P Khurana is a strict disciplinarian but a sadist. there is also Som Prakash Chauhan another trainee in the story who is recently married. Another main character is Ms. Shalini Singh, who takes charge and conducts the training session, she is ambitious.

This book will seem like story of people living next door. How A simple life is handled with ups and downs. While reading this book it reminded me of Survival of the fittest a famous phrase of Herbert Spencer which describes the idea that, in nature, there is competition to survive. It’s how one takes it positively or negatively. These are the lessons of life that make us or break us. All in all intersting read.

This book is a collection of beautifully & creatively written stories weaved carefully by the author. I observed many emotions and moods varying from happy, sad, whims of the rich, poor servants, wishes getting fulfilled or sometimes never, little joys of life found just sitting on platforms, adhering to parents wishes, yearning to fulfill last wish, bad bossy khurana who had a lighter side too, blind faiths, being observant like eagle, brave & selfless parents friendships and many more.

How’s the Book?

Book Title: Desert Plant

Genre: Anthology

Author: Abhijit Ray

Number of Pages: 33

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library.

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program. I am loving this journey of eBook reading with #BlogchatterEbook, who has given authors a great platform to showcase their books.

Who’s the Author?

Abhijit Ray, Born in India, educated in India and Canada, has spent two decades in pharmaceutical research and development. Abhijit has published several scientific articles, contributed towards book chapters and edited a book. Desert Plant is his first attempt at fiction writing.

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