Book Review – Nutrition,Diet Myths & Life

What’s in the book?

A Doctor by profession, Dr. Amrita Basu(MBBS, MS) examined nutrition advice and diet choices around the world. She found some startling misadventures and myths. The biggest one is nutrition advice can be passed around by everyone. Nutrition advice needs trained professionals who understand the whole story. If you eat the wrong kind of food, there is bound to be a problem.

Why this Book?

The author puts up that What you eat helps sustain you and It’s also the best way to live healthily. The Author focusses on Nutrition: Truths and Myths, healthy food, healthy joints, diets and depression and foods that help in improving immunity and fighting fly, cancer-fighting foods, soybeans and even salads. Dr. Basu has stressed on eating right and has tried to solve many common myths related to daily eating practices. Make healthy choices for a healthy body is the main thing. Do read this book to make yourself more aware of the right and wrong choices we make.

How’s the Book?

Book Title: Nutrition, Diet Myths & Life

Genre: Food

Author: Dr. Amrita Basu(MBBS, MS)

Number of Pages: 40

Dr. Amrita Basu

Where to find the Book?

Available: Ebook in PDF In Blogchatter Library.

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program. I am loving this journey of eBook reading with #BlogchatterEbook, who has given authors a great platform to showcase their books.

Who’s the Author?

Dr. Amrita Basu (MBBS, MS) is an ENT surgeon and previously a teacher in a Medical College. She is a blogger and author. Dr.Amrita realized she had a passion for sharing healthy lifestyle stories backed by loads of scientific research. She has authored five books all of which are available on Amazon.

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