Stories Anytime Anywhere with MaPa app in your hands

Stories to tell

Stories to hide

Sometimes good

Some even fail

Tales of joy

Tales of pain

everything changes

but stories always remain

Storytelling is fun

Storytelling is always fun and kids and children love stories a lot. I’m myself a storyteller and love to tell my kids and other children too these beautiful tales with so many characters and fun. Stories help us think and create an imaginary world around us. When a story is read and we visualize it, it takes us to a completely different world.

The last few months when lockdown due to a global pandemic kept all of us insides and especially kids we realized the importance of activities we can do with kids. How to keep kids engaged and involved. I read many stories to my kids during this time as I often do and I realized that what if someday I’m not at home and my kids wanna listen to the story in my voice? What if they miss me and I’m not around to share their favorite story?

Surprisingly while recording stories for my kids a friend suggested this wonderful app named MaPa story. MaPa is Mamma Pappa even Grandma and Grandpa who often tell us stories. Loved the name in first look only as it involves our first storytellers in life. We all have grown up listening to some tales be it small, big, real, imaginary from our parents as well as grandparents too.

MaPa a great storytelling app

In today’s times and faced paced life when parents also sometimes are busy, working, and grandparents living far in different cities, this app comes as a good connect. MaPa stories that inspire kids to become storytellers. Yes, it’s not only parents or grandparents who get a chance to record and listen even kids can narrate or read or tell stories in their own voice for others to listen and enjoy.

Stories when heard in our favorite voice or heard in the voice of those whom we are very close make a big difference. So we have stories from our family as well as friends and that’s not all we have some great storytellers and experts who will share stories and help build kids’ skills and knowledge.

Mapa Story app has objectives to build next-generation storytellers and make kids more expressive in the art of storytelling.


What more if an app gives you a chance to record stories for your kids, so they can listen to these stories even when you are not around or busy or even read these stories for them that too anywhere and anytime. MaPa gives you a platform to record, read, or listen to stories in English and Hindi.

Check out this unique storytelling app that I really enjoyed – MaPa Story! You can read, listen to, and record stories from anywhere. Get a special 30 % discount by subscribing to the App. Here is your referral code 51536

So what are you waiting for, click here to download the app?

Inspired by original storytellers, 'MaPa' will allow recording ...

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