W for Water

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Water is the source of life – and it flows within all of us. 70% of the earth is water and the same goes for the human body.
Water a very important element for survival. In its gentle and natural form, is necessary for life. It’s the life force.
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It has the power to put out a fire and even create chaos on earth in form of a tsunami or whatsoever.

It can freeze in solid form, or be a steam to go in the air. Its flow has a calming effect.

Water element is present in the lake, river, sea, pond, and even our body.
We take so much care of our important assets, so why be different with Water. Preserve it, conserve it, save it only then it will be available for generations to come.
Save it for the sake of posterity.
Cutting pani is one great move to help take care of dear water.
There were times when in my childhood there used to be water outlets called “you” in Hindi where free of cost water was available,  then came water dispensers which were seen at bus stands, railway stations giving water at .25p yes only 25 paise, now neither the dispenser are seen nor .25 paisa. Now water is available for 10 rs plus in shops. If traveling one needs to take care of extra drinking water. I had in one trip had to search a lot for 5ltr canister being traveling with large family & we didn’t get it easily. It was an alarming bell for me.
Glad to see many hotels are also trying a bit by taking care of water by asking customers to reuse towels if possible. A small step can be a beginning for sake of WATER & taking care of it for sake of posterity.

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  1. Balaka says:

    Great to read this post. We do need to create awareness about water conservation.

  2. excellent post on water. a much needed post while a majority are suffering from water shortage.

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