V vegetation, valley

Valley is an area of low land between two mountains or hills, which generally has a river flowing through it.

Valleys are one of the most common landforms on the Earth
They are caused by natural forces like erosion or earthquake.
A river valley is usually V-shaped
giant valleys are called rifts and are found when two pieces of land/ earth are split.
Its a type of natural land formation
In many places, a valley with the running river is called Vale.
Valley soil is very fertile for vegetation.
the valley is surrounded by hills and that’s the natural beauty of it.
the bottom if a valley is called a floor, and sides are called valley walls.
The U and V shape is depending upon depth and width of a valley.
even the snow and ice that moves downhill are responsible for its shape.
Since the valleys were close to water bodies, rivers they always had a prime importance even in the development of human civilization. As river provided, fertile land, farmlands, good soil, food and mainly water so they always had importance for humans.
good farming conditions, water, and agriculture which can provide easy food for larger people were the main reasons for the importance of valleys and settlement of humans.
The first civilizations arose in river valleys because good farming conditions made it easy to feed large numbers of people the rivers provided for good trade-related travel also. mesopotamia is again one such example.
The Nile valley, the Indus valley had been the major subjects of study and were responsible for civilizations growth.


This pic of a huge valley I had taken from cable car when I was crossing it.

A beautiful valley and adjoining village
The world’s deepest valley is The Kali Gandaki Gorge (Gandaki River) in the Himalayas in Nepal.

The most well-known valley is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona.
India is blessed to have most beautiful valleys like Kashmir valley, the valley of flowers, Ketti valley, silent valley, dibang valley, all spread from north tip to southern India.
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  1. During our trip to Ladakh, we saw the Indus valley. In fact a lot of towns like Shey, Leh, Basgo, and Tingmosgang, are situated on the banks of the Indus river. Thanks for an informative post!

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