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Y for Yes

Y for yes Say yes to conservation say yes to better environment say yes to recycle and reuse say yes to wildlife Say and make nature a big part of your life say yes and don’t use plastic say yes and save trees say yes

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X for xeriscape

Merriam Websters dictionary says – Definition of xeriscape : a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (such as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation)     Xeriscaping refers to the conservation of water through creative

W for Water

Water is the source of life – and it flows within all of us. 70% of the earth is water and the same goes for the human body. Water a very important element for survival. In its gentle and natural form, is necessary for life. It’s the

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V vegetation, valley

Valley is an area of low land between two mountains or hills, which generally has a river flowing through it. Valleys are one of the most common landforms on the Earth They are caused by natural forces like erosion or earthquake. A river valley is

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U is for Universe

The universe is infinite and we are part of this wonderful universe. The 5 basic elements or Panch tattvas are part of this universe, this nature. there are millions of unanswered questions about the infinite universe, yet it amazes us. Is there another life, is

T is for Trees

 Trees our very own natural green source of life on earth. It’s nature’s greatest gift to humankind. Trees are our best friends. Have you ever spoken to a tree, try, its stress reliever. Every part of the tree is important be it Leaves, Fruits, roots,

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Q is for Quartz & Quern

Quartz and Quern both are stones with a great value. Quartz is the most abundant and widely distributed mineral found at Earth’s surface. It is present and plentiful in all parts of the world. It forms at all temperatures. It is abundant in igneous, metamorphic,

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O for Ocean

Today is the need to Conserve Oceans and its life. They are beautiful and are home to many marine creatures and lives. Ocean, Seas, rivers and for that matter all water bodies are essential for human life, but with time along with using this essential

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N is for all things Natural

When I talk about natural elements they are part of this beautiful nature only. Admire it, nurture it, save it, take care of it, live with it. All things around us trees, flowers, plants, leaves, animals, birds Nature represents life, growth, the cycle of nature.

M is for Mountain & Mud

pic courtesy – brainy quote There’ s is a very famous quote by John Muir that says “Mountains are calling and I must go” Mountains are a very essential ecosystem and a natural resource which contains lots of material which are again natural and useful

L is for Leaves

Nature never cease to amaze me. It’s elements, It’s contents have always inspired me, motivated me, given me a lot to write and explore about. Another beautiful sight in this series is leaf on a plant. The fresh green leaf highlighted by sun. Fresh, raw,

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K for Kitchen gardens

Here I will tell you the importance and happiness associated with kitchen gardens. I don’t need to tell that its natural, organic and made by your own hands. The hand-grown, home-grown vegetables are nutritious, organic, healthy, pesticide-free. Being free form any pesticide its helps detoxify

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J is for Jungle

The deep, dense, dark, holding so many secrets which are still unexplored. The word jungle originates from the Sanskrit word Jangla meaning uncultivated land. Jungles cover a major part of national parks and sanctuaries which are protecting and taking care of endangered and other animals,

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I is for Incredible India

I Incredible India nature’s paradise. The India that has given me my identity, nature’s paradise to be with it. I love the natural things around me and crave more to explore this beautiful country.   I am a proud Indian who writes about panch tattvas

F is for Fire

  Fire Also called Agni and is associated to Sun. Yet again I’m back to Panch Tatwa’s of nature. Fire is another important element, it represents growth, movement. It is the source of energy and light. It is hot in nature and even regulates the

D is for Desert

Desert always brings the poet in me out…. Desert Oh Desert Who are you? I’m calm yet complex, I’m peaceful and quiet, I can see stars that shine very bright. I may be dangerous yet is distinctive, I may be barren but with a Beauty,

C is for Cloud

I never get bored of natural resources, they inspire me, motivate me, help me dream and be creative. Clouds are one such beautiful feature that makes me child once again. Be the child in you again and find the shape in the cloud above you.

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