Tree Love April 2024 – Mango Tree

I met this beautiful Mango Tree on the school premises. The first look told me about the future fruits it’s going to bear. The Full bloom Mango Tree where the flowers are fully open and the tree is covered in blossoms was a sight of delight.

Mango Tree

The amazing mango tree (Mangifera Indica) is much more than just a source of mangos. It’s a beautiful, living thing that gives back so much to the planet and the people who tend it. Mango trees are an essential component of a healthy and sustainable environment. Beyond being a delicious fruit, mangoes are associated with love, abundance, and good fortune in Indian mythology and literature, making them an integral part of festivals and rituals.

The history of mangoes in India dates back around 5,000 years when it was first cultivated. Legend has it that even Lord Buddha had the privilege of resting under the shade of a mango orchard. The fruit’s name “mango” is derived from the Malayan word “manna,” altered by the Portuguese to “manga” during their spice trade in Kerala in the 1490s. From its origin in India, mango seeds embarked on a journey with humans to the Middle East, East Africa, and South America, and eventually spread to other parts of the world.

In India, mangoes hold a special place, symbolizing love and friendship. Beyond the fruit itself, various parts of the mango tree, such as the leaves, bark, skin, pit, and flesh, have been used as folk remedies for centuries.



“Mangoes are one of the nicest things about the summer season, thanks to their delightful juicy taste.

Mango Leaves

We Indians only know the one use of mango leaves that too on a festive day or auspicious day. Our granny and moms used to make mango leaves toran garland for your home entrance. Other than this, we rarely know the uses of mango leaves.

Mango is the king of fruits that are popular all over the world with its different varieties. They are tasty as well as healthy. Surprisingly, mango leaves are also equally essential for your health. Scientifically mango leaves are known as Mangifera Indica. According to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, mango leaves have been used for thousands of years now for their healing properties. The benefits of mango leaves are so varied and extensive that they are also given immense importance in Eastern medicine.

Mango flowers are small, yellowish or pinkish red, and clustered together in panicles that hang down from the branches.

Tree Love

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  1. What a gorgeous tree and huge too. I could see mangoes were next on this one. Thanks for joining, Prachi. So glad you did!

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