Green Tatwa Talks Ep 44 – In conversation with Ashwin Malwade, MD, Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation and Co-founder, Carter Cleanup.

“Oceans are gifts from God, and we must take care of them by being more responsible”

The “clean up movement” refers to various efforts aimed at cleaning and maintaining the environment, often through initiatives such as litter clean-ups, waste reduction, recycling programs, and advocating for policies to protect natural resources. It’s a broad term encompassing a range of activities undertaken by individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to address environmental issues and promote sustainability. The movement has gained momentum globally as people recognize the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation

Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation is a movement that celebrates love for nature, earth, and life with acts of sustainability. Ashvin Malwade, Pragya Kapoor, Pradeep Sangwan (Healing Himalayas), and other enthusiasts started working towards waste management. With waste collection and waste management centers across India beginning from Himachal, they started on a mission. A journey began in 2020 with Carter Clean Up as their first project.

To impart knowledge and educate students about the environmental impacts of dumping or wasting “garbage gold” they also have a Mumbai School project – ECO SHIKSHA. Their other initiates include Mangrove restoration, BACK TO ROOTS – urban forestation’, Elephanta caves clean up, etc. PROJECT KUDA – Swatch Kokari, Sunder Koakri, zero waste community near Mithi river. Ek Saath Foundation along with BMC F – North ward is working with the residents to transform Kokari into a zero-waste settlement, by implementing a proper waste management system that will prevent plastic from entering the oceans.


To rejuvenate marine ecosystems, a few people like Ashvin, Nupur, Trisha, Mansi, and Harold, came together for the Carter Beach Cleanup Citizen movement. As a social responsibility, a small population of good samaritans and concerned citizens come forward to tackle the waste problem through clean-up drives. Carter Clean up is a beach cleanup movement across Mumbai starting with the World’s Largest Beach Cleanup at Versova Beach, and thus began a movement. 

So far, they have cleaned off plastic trash from beaches and have also recycled construction debris. It is approx 60000 kgs in 140 weeks that has been sent to the recycler. Disposing of marine litter is what they are managing along with a dry waste recycling program on Carter promenade.

Tatwa Talks

In this episode of Green Tatwa Talks, I am conversing with Ashwin Malwade, MD, Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation and Co-founder, Carter Cleanup. Ashwin Malwade is a Master Mariner in the Merchant Navy and an Ocean advocate. 

You can also support their cause. Check out their website, Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation for more information and upcoming projects. Do check out their clean-up videos and other events on their Instagram page.

Follow Ek Saath on Twitter and Facebook for more updates and activities. Tune in and Join #TheTatwaGirl and listen to the journey of Ek Saath – The Earth Foundation on your favorite platform.

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“It is our responsibility to keep our streets clean. We need to stop others from dirtying it and not just wait for government agencies to clean it up. There needs to be a personal connect”

Sustainability With Prachi

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Being Eco-Friendly is not a choice, make it a habit.

Without a doubt, sustainability is easier than you think. You don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more eco-friendly, sustainable and a part of your daily life. 

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