BeeTee’s MELT – Handcrafted Bean to Bar chocolate in India

A chocolate quiz before we begin –
The Mayan and Aztec peoples used cocoa beans not only to make a delicious beverage but also as……
Are you wondering what the answer is?
Well, the answer is Currency.

So, the currency value in chocolate makes them precious, special and sometimes unique too. I’m a chocolate lover and lately while searching for a dark chocolate online, I came across a new brand offering gluten-free and 100% Preservative free chocolates. Now that’s something when it comes to chocolates. To add on its handcrafted chocolate which made me curious enough to immediately order BeeTee’s Melt chocolates.

The Brain Behind BeeTee’s

Bee Tee is Chennai based, Bean to Bar chocolate manufacturer. Yes, you heard it right from picking up the raw cacao beans to artistically handcrafting the flavorful chocolate is a journey on its own. With all this the product sure is going to be a delightful one. Here I sure will give a special mention to the #womenEntrepreneur behind BeeTee’s melts – Thamarai. With an international course in chocolate making she sure has turned this chocolate into a great brand.

What is Artisan Chocolate

BeeTee’s MELT is not only just chocolate, it’s artisan indulgence. From picking the beans to manufacturing handcrafted chocolate, This Bean to Bar chocolate which comes in a beautiful packaging speaks of the artistically handcrafted delight that is worth a try.

For me, losing myself in the aroma of chocolate with its cacao beans flavors and enjoying that one bite is always an experience. One single piece of chocolate is a comforting sweet treat that brings much needed happiness. Have you ever experienced the smooth texture of a soft chocolate with a flavour explosion in your mouth?

Chocolate is a happiness which we can eat!

There is this famous chocolate quote – “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.” And as it truly goes, I was not sure what would be in store with this new found chocolate bar in my hands. So I decided to try all three varieties of chocolate bars I had ordered from Bee Tee’s site.

The very moment I opened the wrapper of Bee Tee’s chocolate bar, the aroma itself spoke about the bean used. And using coconut milk in a chocolate was a never before taste for me. They have this awesome Refined sugar free and even Soy free chocolates. I enjoyed each and every flavour slowly and calmly. In addition, the packaging itself tells a lot about the chocolate.

Ever wondered which Dark chocolate is healthy?

Dark chocolate is my all time favourite. And BeeTee’s Melt 72% Dark Chocolate just made my day. As soon as I opened the wrapper, the aroma filled around and it didn’t disappoint me at all. Hand-picked cacao beans, mixed with cacao butter, and sweetened with palm sugar works wonders. This is my favorite of the BeeTee’s Melt chocolate bars by far. So if you are looking for which dark chocolate is healthy, now you know the answer.

Milk Chocolate plain and simple

Plain simple milk chocolate is pure happiness, and this milk chocolate bar with muscovado sugar and cacao beans was a perfect taste. Milky, melt in your mouth taste was just perfect. The chocolate was quite sweet, it was smooth and creamy.

Coconut milk chocolate (54%, with coconut milk)

Cacao bean, butter and sugar and here is a wonderful ingredient of coconut milk. I love the flavours combined for this bar. No wonder the distinctive taste of coconut actually added a unique taste to the regular chocolate and became my favorite in an instant. Refined sugar free and also vegan chocolate in bar form are a treat to your taste buds.

Looking for vegan, soy free and gluten-free chocolates

It’s always nice to try something new and I was not disappointed at all. The one thing I love about this chocolate is that it’s so distinctive. I really loved all the three distinctive flavors with rich and creamy texture and great taste. PragunTatwa recommends Bee Tee’s Melts and give a treat to your taste buds. Last but not the least, the very reason for me to try these bean to bar chocolates will be incomplete if I don’t mention the zero waste and zero impact sustainable model they follow in manufacturing chocolates.

Order Here: (grab discounts) or even they are available on Amazon, and Flipkart too. Diwali is near, so what are you waiting for? Share love and taste with these festive yummy goodies. Chocolate online delivery is a simple way to indulge in the yummy taste right within your home. So stay safe, stay inside and enjoy chocolate too. Do try and let me know in the comments about your chocolate love.

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