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Laddoo – Laddu – Laddo – Ladoo – लड्डू A famous easy to make Indian sweet.

Wikipedia says – Laddu or laddoo is a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian subcontinent; the name originated from the Sanskrit word Lattika. Laddus are made of flour, fat (ghee/butter/oil), and sugar, with other ingredients that vary by recipe, like chopped nuts or dried raisins.

लड्डू एक प्रकार की मिठाई है जो से कई तरह से बनाई जाती है। हर जगहों के लडडुओं की अलग अलग विशेषतायें होती है। लड्डू किसी भी उत्सव में भोजन के आयोजन में विशेष प्रकार का महत्व रखता था। अनेक मंदिरों में भगवान के प्रसाद के रूप में लड्डू मिलते हैं।

They are often served at festive or religious occasions. Laddu is often prepared for festivals or family events such as weddings and births, or given as a prasadam(religious offering of food) at Hindu temples. I am sure all are well aware of famous tirupati laddoo. And who have seen the movie English Vinglish, the lead actress Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) is a housewife who makes and sells laddoos and becomes an entrepreneur of laddoos.

Laddoo’s are of various types –
  • Besan laddoo “बेसन के लड्डू”
  • boondi laddoo “बूंदी लड्डू”
  • rava/ semolina laddoo “सूजी मावा के लड्डू”
  • gond ke laddoo
  • methi ke laddoo “मेथी के लड्डू”
  • coconut/ nariyal laddoo “नारियल के लड्डू”
  • til laddoo “तिल के लड्डू”
  • motichoor laddoo “मोतीचूर के लड्डू”
  • panjiri laddu/ pinni “पंजाबी पिन्नी लड्डू” rai laddoo
  • mumura laddu
  • rajgira/ amarnath laddu
  • mawa/ khoya laddu
  • peanut laddoo
  • mung dal laddu “मूंगदाल के लड्डू”
  • dry fruit date laddu
  • atta laddoo “गेहूं के आटे के लड्डू”
So they are very Indian, ultimate bhartiya and proud Indian sweet. As we know that Laddoo is a sweet, round, ball shaped pop up sweet dish so let’s try making laddoo today.

Sharing Atta ladoo recipe which I call nutritious multi grain laddoo and it is all time favorite in my house and loved by kids!


  • 2 cup wheat flour which is used for making rotis.
  • 2 cup multigrain atta (you can make it purely with only mutligrain atta depending upon your taste)
  • Desi Ghee 1/2 kg approx
  • Almonds/ Badam 1/2 cup crushed
  • crushed cashews/ kaju 1/2 cup
  • walnuts/ akhrot 1/2 cup crushed
  • 1/2 cup crushed dry dates, sometimes the kharik powder is also available so one can use that too.
  • 1 tsp cardamom/ elaichi powder
  • 1 tsp nutmeg/ jaifal powder
  • I also add badam pak from patanjali for add on taste
  • 3-4 cups powdered sugar approx the same qty as of atta

This makes approx 50/ 60 laddoos so one can reduce or increase as per requirement.

Method to make atta laddoo

  • Roast atta with approx half of the ghee(1-1.5 cups) on medium heat about 15 minute or else you can microwave it on 60% power for 10 minutes but with breaks of 5 min then remove and mix, then again 2-3 minutes again remove and mix. It will turn light brown color.
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  • Keep it aside and let the atta cool and in the mean time in small wok fry crushed almonds, cashews, walnuts all separately in shifts as all have different heating temperatures.
  • Now once dry-fruits are cooled, grind them in mixer pot. Don’t over grind else it will leave its oils so a mild rinding is enough.
laddoo mix
NOTE – I grind all dry-fruits as few people or kids don’t like the big pieces coming in mouth and they end up throwing but if you like pieces then let them be coarsely grounded only and no grinding.
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  • Now Add atta mixture, grounded sugar, grinded dry-fruits and remaining ghee along with cardamom, nutmeg, date powder.
  • Take this mixture on a big clean sheet or big plate or big bowl where you can mix all the things properly.rolling the laddoo
  • If its cold weather or if you feel that ghee is cololing and mixture is drying just move the mixture just once in mixer pot as this way everything gets mixed up well and becomes uniform.
  • Now, Take a little amount say approx a palmful and press the mixture in order to make round shaped balls.
  • I ensure to put 1-2 kishmish in between each ladoo and shape them in a ball, this ensures there is a kishmish in each laddoo.
  • Let ladoos cool to room temperature before transferring and storing in an airtight container. The ladoos stay fresh and fine for 2 to 3 weeks without any damage.

This Post is written under my Fire/ Agni Tatwa series for #BlogBoosterIndia #BharatKaZaika

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34 Responses

  1. Archana says:

    My kiddos are in love of Besan Ladoos only,I will surely try atta ladoos too for them .It looks so yummy and healthy .Thank you for sharing tasty recipe.And yes must say you have given a perfect round shape to ladoos.

  2. You have listed out all the ladoo options. In Punjabi, we call it Pinni. All of us have different ways to make them. Yours is interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing Pragun.
    #BlogboosterInd #Bharatkazaika #Habhitwellness

  3. Ah the iconic laddoo! My mother makes delicious atta pinnis and I can never resist a good besan ka laddoo. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. swathi says:

    These laddoos are my favorite. My mom prepares very well

  5. Amazing, and my kids fav are rice floor ladoo and nachni aata ladoo

  6. A mouth-watering post indeed😍😍
    Laddoos are the favorite sweets of most of the Indians:)

  7. This one is my favorite too and I used to make this during festivals and winter, loved the way you had shared proper recipe with good photos. Indeed a great post dear. #bharatkazaika

  8. I am sure in India every household have their own unique take on a laddu. My sister has a sweet tooth so she is the one who can tell me more about it. I personally like a one which my maternal grandfather used to make using ‘makke ki roti n ghee n jaggery’.

  9. Varsh says:

    I make different types of laddoos for my kids too. These multigrain laddoos look good and are definitely a better option than plain wheat ones.

  10. Ms Arora says:

    I usually make ladoos with atta only . This seems good with a little twist . Thanks for sharing this recipe

  11. Supriya says:

    Great detailed post pragun. I love any kind of laddu but never tried making many of them and my sure shot failure is the Besan laddoo. Will try this one now and let you know if I see a success

    • Thanks, laddoo is love. Don’t say like this they are very easy, do try your kiddo will love it and so will you. It will be a success no worries. Happy laddoo making.

  12. Sudip Saha says:

    Laddu is my favourite sweet. I love motichur ke laddu the most.

  13. The picks are so tempting 🙂 In my house, most of the laddoo we make out the the list you mentioned. Depending upon weather, festival and mood, we go ahead with making them. My mother and MIL both are good in making them. I have inherited the interest from my mother and I now re-invent recipes. I believe in instant laddoo that you can make and serve in 15-20 minutes. I am thinking to blog about it now.

  14. ginia says:

    I love besan and motichoor laddoo. Will try this atta laddoo recipe for sure..

  15. Thanks
    Yes indeed it’s favourite Indian sweet i love

  16. This winter , I am definately going to try this at home ,

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