Deep Amavasya दीप अमावस्या

Deep Amavasya दीप अमावस्या

Today is Deep Amavasya as per Hindu calendar. Amavasya is a no moon day and this ashada Amavasya has a significance in Shravan month. It is considered a very auspicious day. From tomorrow on-wards the Shravan month begins. This is celebrated in Maharashtra, Gujrat, Andhra etc.
All the diyas in-house are cleaned and decorated, and puja is performed for them.  All diyas are lit, rangoli or kolam is made to perform puja.

It is considered that a diya is like Sun, god of light, God of fire, so we pray diyas saying that keep lighting our life and bless us.

We are lighting all lamps including samai, mud diya and lit them with sesame/ til oil or mustard oil or any fragrance oil also can be used for deep pujan. Shower flowers on diyas. The flame is said to bless us our life. It is Agni a powerful element of panchtatwas.

इस त्योहार में घर के सभी दीपों को धोकर उनका पूजन किया जाता है । दीप हमारे जीवन का अंधकार दूर कर हमें प्रकाश देते हैं । उनके प्रति कृतज्ञता व्यक्त करने का यह दिन होता है ।

Light is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity, and abundance, it brings brightness with it and removes the darkness. The flame of light helps us to see things clearly. It is celebrated to welcome the Shravan month.

We wish happiness and energy to everyone. In Marathi shlokas we daily evening say this shloka for Diya which goes as –
शुभं करोति कल्याणं आरोग्यं धनसंपदः ।
शत्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय दीपज्योतिनमोऽस्तु ते ॥

In addition, This shloka is said in evening and I have made it a habit that my family comes together to pray together and say this every evening. The meaning is that I fold my hands and pray to the light, to the diya and pray for it to bless all with prosperity, auspiciousness, good health and wealth and clear thoughts.

Marathi verse –
दिव्या दिव्या दिपोत्कार कानीं कुंडलें मोतीहार |
दिव्यला देखून नमस्कार || १ ||
तिळाचे तेल कापसाची वात |
दिवा जळो मध्यान्हरात |
दिवा लावला देवांपाशी |
उजेड पडला तुळशीपाशीं |
माझा नमस्कार सर्व देवांपाशी || २ ||
Divya divya Deepak kaa, Kani kundala moti haa, Divyala pahun namaskar 
Diva jalato deva pashi, Ujed padala tulshi pasha,
Maza namaskaar Sarva devanchya paya pasha
Meaning –

I bow to this lamp, I light this lamp in front of God, whose light reaches all the way to the tulsi/ basil plant. And let my prayer reach to all the Gods. The sesame oil and cotton wick keep the lamp burning until the middle of the night.

We also make gur diyas as prasadam.
Here by I wish all a happy Deep pujan.
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  1. Those are so cute prasadams – diya shaped. We have so many festivals and so many different rituals. It’s all so good in its own right….

  2. arv! says:

    Deep Amawasya is not celebrated here in Jaipur. This is first time I have heard about it.

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