The sail to forgive

Hey, Omi see we are back to the same place, such crystal clear water, such serene happiness, and the memories are back. Canoeing in this seas is an amazing experience always.
Hope you are all right Oshi?
Yes yes, of course, this place is my life, yes it does make me nostalgic but I’m fine don’t worry.
A couple in a kayak boat in the middle of sea
Hey see there, yes on your left, there yes on to the extreme left, remember? Guess what I can even see the rock it’s exactly the same even after one year, isn’t it?
Oh yes, wow isn’t it looking beautiful!
Yes, Oshi had you not forgiven, you would not have been sailing here back again today. It’s the month of spring clearing, the month of forgiveness and miracles for us. Thanks for forgiving the rough seas and bad memories.
Omi, you only had told me that the secret to cleaning out these feelings is forgiveness. It was you who told me that the similar way we clean our windows and open them to allow the beautiful light to shine through, we also need to clean up an attitude of unforgiveness to allow in joy and light.
And see Omi it was just because of you that I learned to forgive the year and the life-changing accident behind with new confidence to face the clear, see-through waters.
We are travel bloggers and we have accepted it as part and parcel of our life to accept the unexpected. Let’s go now we have more to explore, more to travel, more to click and more to experience. We sink or swim together.
They high five each other! and they went off canoeing to new waters.

Last year’s newspaper article read – A close encounter with two humpback whales, shot by a freelance photographer/ traveler couple hired as part of a marketing campaign. Almost touch and back with the crossing line of life and death.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’ hosted by Write Tribe.

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7 Responses

  1. Whoa! What all bloggers need to do! I just hope that your story is fictional and nothing is in reality for I fear that a brand might ask bloggers to risk their lives and even bloggers agree for it for some handsome returns.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to read, this work is purely fictional and also this article is done at free cost. It’s the individual blogger’s responsibility to accept assignments considering the risk factors and you can’t comment on that. All the bloggers are not sold/paid bloggers. We have our dignity. And I hope you respect that dignity being just another blogger.

  3. Kalpana Solsi says:

    they are canoeing in the waters of forgiveness to explore newer lands together. All the best to them.

  1. 5th March 2019

    […] You can read my Day 1 post, “The sail to forgive” –  here. […]

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