#XploreBharat another travel week

I love travels and to add on to my passion, the week gone by with #XploreBharat was amazing, from north to south, from west to east we traveled with experiences of enthusiastic bloggers aka bharat explorers on board and saw the roads which we might have missed.
Here is glimpse of the week gone by with enthusiastic bharat xplorerxplorers.
Week three Day – 15

This week’s journey we started from the mayanagari with Vijay Lakshmi Harish, her poetic trail, pictures so lovely and personalized touch actually made me roam Aamchi Mumbai, Maharashtra, and couldn’t bring myself back easily. It was like absorbing myself in its history, modern growth and lifestyle in just one post.
Thanks, Vijayalakshmi

Day -16

From mumbai we went to Mysuru, Karnataka. Had a glimpse of Vijaydashmi Jamboo savari, The royal palace, Srirangapatna fort of the tiger of mysuru, Sri Chamundeshwari Temple on Hills and Zoo. Jayanthi made our job easy by sharing the maps to locations so we just have to pack the bags.
Thanks, Jayanthi

Day -17

Day three we virtually took a boat ride to Varanasi, uttar pradesh, for the holy dip in the land of temples. Pallavi took us to Dashashwamedh Ghat, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Manikarnika Ghat and Chunar fort. Sharing with us about the temple as well as ghats and forts was detailed info.
Thanks, Pallavi

Day – 18

And from one ghat to another beach on the 18th day we reach Peaceful Pondicherry with Prerna. A french flavoured holiday in India and Auroville made it a fantastic post, oh sorry I mean post. Seems the French flavoured fantastic “F’s” had left an impact on me. Rightly said by a #Bharatxplorer that there is a different beautiful vibe to this place.
Thanks, Prerna

Day – 19

Chikhlihole reservoir in Coorg and Club Mahindra resort in Madikeri Coorg
From Pondicherry, in southwest India, we took a drive toward southeast to CoorgCoorg (Madikeri) in Karnataka. It’s a 10-hour drive which I had done in my life so maybe this time it was overnight I shifted my place from Tamilnadu to Karnataka. I love Coorg for all the aromatic wonder it has to offer like Coffee ahh the aroma just travels in the air with the name, the next in the list is chocolates, then homemade wines and the spicy treat of varied spices. Anshu took is to abbey falls, elephant camp, talacauvery, raja’s seat, nisarga dham, Namdroling Monastery and lot more. Wow, such a small name holds so many treasures.
Thanks, Anshu

Day – 20

pic credit ajit bloggerray

From south, we just flew to east and Wow what a place we landed on to, amazing Aalo/ Along/ – in the lap of the sun. Ajit took us to Aalong and in the words of our Bharatxplorer one can’t get enough of Arunachal which offers Orange and pineapple orchards, waterfalls at every other turn of the winding, serpentine roads, diverse tribes, nature-based cuisines, the list really goes on and on. Your travel book is beyond words and creative presentation is s a superb idea.
Thanks, Ajit

Day – 21

pic credit – seema taneja

Aalo to Kovalam here we come on day 21st of Xplore Bharat journey with seema. KOVALAM-A Quaint Town With Pristine Beaches. Seema has beautifully described Kovalam with her pictures and words and especially her poetic description just took away the heart.
Thanks, Seema
With this, we end the round up of a beautiful week of Exploring Bharat. Though we traversed throughout the country from North to South; from East to West and in the weeks to come we will have many similar awesome options to explore form incredible India.
But before I end the roundup I want to give a big shout out to our amazing sponsors on behalf of the whole host team-

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  1. This is a great effort. You are familiarising us Indians with so many nice places in India.

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    Lovely summary of all the places covered till date. Journey so beautiful

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