Walled Woman

Wishing all a very Happy Womens Day!!!
write tribe festival of wordsThis picture says a lot, one view I had was that she is getting freed from a enclosed building and another view was she is enjoying her me time in the enclosed walls that helped her search her soul and she is a liberated one now. This kept me confused and  then suddenly a wind blew, waving her hair and the wind gave me a thought.
The walls are liberating as well as blocking her too. Have you ever compared the walls around you or the flowing wind flowing around with “the Woman in you”?
Women, Water, Wind, Walls yes she is like everything and something around her.
Wind furious… woman curious…
Women too is strong like the flow and the other day beautifully softer & calmer.
Wind so violent sometimes and sometimes its gentle breeze….
Women is sometimes really agitating and sometimes so soft you can’t even predict.
She changes herself as per situation just like water which changes as per vessel or place.
She flies and moves ahead like air everywhere, She full fills her responsibility to be it in family or career.
Water springing up from earth and in some remote place falling from heavy mountains,
Women too rising from herself and falling for her roles and responsibilities always.
Water flowing furiously and the other shore is completely calmer…
Women too is strong like stone and the other day beautifully softer…
She may be behind the walls but she is standing tall,
She is limitless, She is precious, She has the wings of freedom,
She knows it’s her stage, stage of life, where she has to perform before it’s time to say bye.
‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’ hosted by Write Tribe.

I have used the picture prompt from Day 5 – Pic Prompt

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