Heal the broken self

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When I hold my broken self,
I know it’s only me who can heal myself.
That very moment I’m torn between two tides,
You gave me the options to choose between the sides.
Fear is a self-destructing fire,
You left me holding just one end of wire.
I will see you even from the broken mirror,
Even if you have broken me I will ensure.
The loneliness makes me hue and cry,
That burns what’s dead and dry.
Even if it’s just an illusion
the knife can cut deep insides.
I know my limits, I know my responsibilities,
I know that I can’t hold myself broken to pieces,
Its the inner strength that keeps me in race,
but its the frame that holds you in place.
Even if you are falling dont let it go,
Even if you are losing hope don’t give up though.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’ hosted by Write Tribe.

I have used the picture prompt from Day 2

You can read my Day 1 post, “The sail to forgive” –  here.

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