Let’s have a habit to love nature

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” We all have habits, they say Habit never goes. If you remove ‘H’, ‘A Bitremains and if you remove ‘A’, ‘Bitremains. And when you further remove ‘B’, ‘It’ still remains.

Let’s first understand what is a Habit?

Definition of habit

1: a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior

2a: an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.
Cambridge says the habit is something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.
Read a beautiful quote that says – You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your daily success is found in your daily routine.

How true the habits we have, form us and make us an individual with distinct qualities. We often talk about people having good or bad habits, odd or unique habits. So, the habit is something personal to an individual which is an identification too. Some habits we form by choice rest are all-natural.

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SO, if I have to think of one powerful habit that keeps me going, it will be difficult.

I have many habits that make me, what I am

But in growing years of life one habit has given me the positive feel, the refreshing aura to sail through the day.

The habit is firstly cuddling my kids in bed every morning when I wake up and then peep out of the window to soak myself in nature. Talking to nature to get inspiration and positivity for the day is my daily habit.

It may seem odd that what kind of habit is this? But it’s true, not a single day I can start without spending the first few minutes after waking up and then sipping my mug of kauphi or Tea beside nature. I feel nature talks to me and answers my queries when in doubt. I have experienced that nature gives answers in its own unique way. I am lucky enough to stay at a place that gives me an abundance of nature and life through my window that helps me think, explore, create, and keep going. Not a single day is gone when I am not inspired by nature, the hills, the trees, the 5 elements of nature that keep me telling that never stop or give up hope. The lovely eucalyptus trees, the base of Nilgiris that grow tall and stand strong and erect tell me to keep my head high and achieve success.

A small or long walk in this nature just inspires me and refreshes me. How can one not form a habit to just step outside when the view is so refreshing. The above image is just in front of my house and the below one is when I turn right from my block of 4 houses. Well, when you live beside tea gardens you get habitual to the morning cup of tea also with the view.

The block of houses beside the road, well yes that’s my present abode and thus nature is my habit. I can’t think of anything daily that inspires and refreshes me.

This habit is addictive as due to freshness around me I have started taking long walks and that is beneficial to my health, what better than filling my lungs with fresh oxygen gifted by Nilgiris. What best thing to start our day with? This not only is one habit but staying with nature helps build more great habits.

Waking Up Early

This nature motivates me to wake up early, isn’t it another good habit, it’s all because having tea with the chirping of sparrows and view of sunrise can’t be compared to any other thing on this earth.

Yoga & Meditation

My surroundings helped me to form a habit for daily yoga and meditation as the calmness of tea gardens and the depth of valleys calls for inner peace.

A habit for positive thinking

I ensure to get inspiration form Sun which rises daily with the same energy and feeds my mind with positive thoughts. These early morning thoughts become a base for the whole day. This I do by reading, watching motivating and knowledgeable as well as spiritual stuff rather than watching unnecessary gossips, or negative news. In Morning if one can listen to devotional music during this time it really helps as mantras, shlokas have different power in them.

Do something, not everything.

I ensure I do and think a positive thing daily. Be it giving water to courier guy or feeding sparrows and pigeons on the terrace. It’s in our hands to make the air around us positive with our deeds and thoughts.

Embrace life, don’t resist it

These Nilgiri hills, the valley has taught me to embrace life, the beauty of nature, the beauty of natural elements and their existence. I have learned to live my life the way it is and indeed it is beautiful when you see it with my eyes. I have a daily talking and Walking friend too, whom I look forward to daily and talk with, sometimes discuss too and it patiently listens to me. It’s a beautiful Tree on my walking route and my daily TreeLove. It looks like inverted Lambda, the symbol of wavelength, it also says its a “Y” which says YES to everything and stands tall spreading positivity. Lambda is just a symbol or variable – variable is not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change, and so is our life and thoughts. It’s subject to change and which is not consistent and we need to adapt and accept the change.

It’s a Sitka spruce tree

That’s my TreeLove and this tree has said hello to me when I go for walks, has heard my inner cry when I was sad, has seen me laugh in my happiness too. It’s my best friend and I feel a very deep connect with trees and plants and It’s always refreshing to spend time with them. I always feel a part of beautiful nature, I feel they also talk to me as I speak with them.

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With this, I go back to my habit that really keeps me going… After all, this nature only had inspired me to choose my blog name which is dear to me.

Okay, readers time to go back to talk with nature out of the window and get motivation each day to live, to explore, to question, to stay positive and to be thankful.

This post is a part of Blog Anniversary celebrations of Thoughts by Geethica Turns 3 co-hosted by Zainab and Ashvini.

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22 Responses

  1. Beautiful post PraGun and i agree nature has immense power of make us feel positive and me too love to spend time in nature: pics are so beautiful in this post:

  2. Alpana says:

    PraGun you are blessed to be surrounded by nature. When you have such positive surroundings then its a blessing. Getting an extra dose of positivity to refresh our mind , body and soul. and yes, we make habit and then habits make us.

  3. It feels like I have written this blog. Our thoughts are just the same on getting up early, admiring nature and being friends with plants and trees. It is so much like me. See, blogs connect two like-minded people better

    • Wow, Geethica glad to know that you are also an early riser and nature lover.
      You are a very true, blogging journey has really helped me make some very nice like-minded friends else we would have never met.
      This birthday blog train is again a great platform to read some great blogs too.
      Happy Blogging and Keep loving the Panchtatwas of nature.

  4. Pashmeena Chowdhary says:

    Lovely thoughts..Nature is the best friend that we can have..And yes you are right we need to change our life daily of we want to transform our life and reach great heights..

  5. Ghazala Naseem says:

    Hugging kids is something I also do in morning and night 🙂 Spending time with nature refreshes mind and soul.

    • Yes, hugging kids give them a boost and support as well as warmth and happiness to moms too.
      Nature indeed is a great refresher and stress buster, just a walk can refresh you for the day.

  6. Beautiful post Ma’am and i agree with you that nature has the power positively and we all love the nature . you are lucky that you are so close to nature.

  7. Monika says:

    Being close to nature keeps you calm always .

  8. Dr.Amrita Basu says:

    Pragun you live in such a beautiful place.One day I would love to visit you.Nature is the most beautiful gift of God.Lovely post.It made me smile.

    • Hey most welcome Dr. Amrita, would love to have you along with me to walk in this beautiful place.
      It will be my pleasure to be in your company so I can also learn a lot from you.

  9. Anjali M Naik says:

    Wow..really enjoyed the post. I m so inspired by reading this blog that I am gonna start a similar routine soon.

  10. What a lovely post Pragun! I too believe in the healing power of nature. A morning that begins with nature is indeed a therapeutic one.

  11. Wow Pragun.. Your blog is such a happy read.. Being close to nature is one of the best gifts one can have and u have such a beautiful tempting nature, that looks like a dream to me in Delhi. I do enjoy the morning walk in the nearby park and it does charge me up for the entire day. a morning cuddle and cool nature is a sight to die for.

    • Thanks supriti for such lovely words. I’m a delhite too & love the place i grew up in but now when I came in the lap of nature, couldn’t ask for more.
      Yes cuddle & nature keep me going….. They are my stress busters.

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