Book Review – Me to Mommy

What’s in the book?

Mother’s parenting experience, on how a girl changes from being Me to Mommy. Each chapter is mommy’s self-realization of how she has grown with her kiddo. Fun to read chapters that will surely make you smile when you visualize or go back in your memories when you had cherished the motherhood journey.

All chapters surely will take you down the memory lane. Even if all motherhood journeys are different but all sail on the same boat of love, warmth, compassion, touch, cuddles, and much more.

Each chapter will be part of your life as you will cherish similar days you had to spend with your kiddo and so all chapters make to live those fun moments of growing up once again.

Why this Book?

If you want to read the mother’s journey along with a baby girl who’s responding on each and every move this is the book to pick. This book is full of emotions, it makes you happy and also takes you to late-night wakeups and depressions too. You will actually feel it’s your own story at times when you visualize your baby along with hers with a soft smile in sleep.

I can’t control sharing some beautiful lines –

  • A mother-baby duo is – giggly & weepy, ecstatic & sad, energetic & tired, angry & confused, doting & pleading all at the same time.

so true isn’t it.

Another one –

  • What a mother was to a child once, a child was now to a mother. Such is a mother’s cycle of life/ All it takes is a gentle touch. So true the gentle touch seems to be the answer to a lot of questions in this motherhood journey.

Aarti has used beautiful language to showcase the mother’s emotions

  • This brings me to the knowledge that happiness comes in such small packets of miraculous cuteness.

Who’s & How’s of Book?

Book Title: Me to Mommee

Genre: Parenting

Author:  Aarti Khatwani Bhatia

Number of Pages: 272


Love is not taught it comes naturally and surprisingly when it comes to mother and kiddo it’s the same universally… hence proved.

I actually traveled my early motherhood days when my M&M candies were babies. I even went and searched all the old pics of their growing up when I was going through the book. So this book surely kept me engaged on readers and personal level too.

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