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Recently I came across this Ariel India‘s campaign about “ShareTheLoadMovement”  on I am proud to have always had my boys to share the load with me since they grew up to understand this thing.

It all started when we got transferred to a new location. I live with two boys, husband, and inlaws so I basically feel I live in boys hostel. Immediately after shifting, we were in the guest house and our washing machine was yet to be delivered via transport. This was the time I had to wash clothes with my hand. There it all started that I asked them to carry the bucket, soak in soap, brush little clothes, dip in water to rinse, even squeeze and then finally help me dry them on the clothesline. Initially, they enjoyed it but later once we settled down and schools started it was just weekend activity.

But I am happy they try and help me not only in clothes but in kitchen chores too. I don’t have pics of 4 years ago when they started but sharing the recent pic of my elder M candy with my laundry load.

Sunday – Sonday

It’s every Sunday or I must say SonDay ritual when we enjoy our washing spree in hills. There were times when my kiddo uses to think that washing is only female activity. Now, after years of sharing with him, he is now aware that it’s not one gender activity. It’s not easy in male-dominated Indian society to bring the change but if you star at an early age it gets easier.

I even ensure they at least clean their underclothes before they just dump them in the washing basket. Yes, how can I forget Sunday is also a white shoe cleaning day in my house. Yes, Friday is supposed to be white uniform in kids’ school, so I make it sure that on Sunday they clean the white shoes and put them to dry for next week. Although it gets messier in the washroom they enjoy the soapy dips, water activity every weekend.

It’s fun to see them wash there shoes and clothes. With kids, instead of washing, they get involved in playing with water more. AS a mother I have to constantly bring them back to work and #SharetheLoad.

I am participating in the #ShareTheLoad movement and for the next four Sundays. Ariel has one new task every Sunday and I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda.

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